What we have done in Libya

As reported in today’s New York Times, NATO air strikes had reduced Kaddafi’s leadership compound to rubble before the rebels arrived in the capital.

What did such attacks have to do with protecting civilians from harm?

Clearly, the mission went way beyond its UN mandate of protecting civilians from harm. It turns out that our putative moral duty to protect civilians from harm, a.k.a. the “responsibility to protect,” is a transparent cover for overthrowing whatever foreign regime we don’t like, for whatever reason we don’t like it.

The U.S., France, and Britain have waged an illegal and totally unjustified war against a country that posed no threat to them or to any other country. They waged this war for their own ideological and political purposes. The U.S., France, and Britain have engaged in a criminal act. As for America’s role, let’s be clear that it’s not only President Obama who is responsible. Most of our political and media establishment either actively supported or passively went along with the Libya intervention. Even those who dissented from it, did so in the softest of terms. What this means is that the United States, as a political society, has committed a criminal act of war.

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Joseph E. writes:

A Yahoo News headline said: “BREAKTHROUGH REDEEMS NATO.”

Like hell it does. I shall resist the campaign to get the American people to take this “victory” to our hearts.

Thanks very much.

Mark Jaws writes:

If you want to know who the fighters of the Arab Spring are, just listen to their fighting song. This is sung to the US Marine Hymn.

From the pyramids in Cairo,
To the shores of Tripoli.
We will fight for our Sharia
And fight Christianity.
We will gladly take your billions
While we make your women scream.
We are proud to claim the title
The Arab Fedayeen.

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