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After writing so much about Mark Steyn last week, I sure didn’t expect to be writing about him again so soon, but a 6,000 word article in The New Criterion on Islam and Europe (in which Steyn says both that Islam is and isn’t a threat to Europe—it’s very confusing) is hard to ignore. Carl Simpson writes:
I found the Steyn article, which I read in full earlier today, to be most annoying. First off the bat is the whole “inevitability” business. This is nothing more than the standard Marxist cant about “the inexorable march of progress” recast into neocon terms. We get the same nonsense from Bushites and their ilk all the time about the flood of illegals here. They must not be aware that cracking down on several thousand sleazy business owners takes much less effort than rounding up 20 million illegals. If you dry up the sources of funding: corporate crooks and various welfare payments, the vast majority would be going home on their own. I think he’s dead wrong about Japan, too. They have a declining population for now, but remain firmly nationalistic. Robotic technology has exploded in Japan because of their steadfast refusal to import swarms of cheap, third-world labor, despite prodding from such oracles of wisdom as Sulzburger-Duranty Times (all the News that’s fit to spit).

It’s all well and good to attack the left as they are traitors to the core after all who deserve no quarter whatsoever. Steyn completely fails to see that it’s not just the left that is selling us out to the Islamic invasion, though. King Jorge II and all of his cronies in the Republican hackocracy are just as responsible as the left is. The left (as normally defined) aren’t the ones who have defiantly kept our borders wide open in the wake of 9/11 while going off on a madcap ideological crusade to democratize the Umma. Steyn’s gloating over Europe’s demise is out of order, for the policies of his neo-Jacobin pals are no less suicidal than those of the unhinged Michael Moore left. They just have a sheen of ‘respectability’, that’s all.

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