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Guess who’s playing Vice President Biden in Paul Ryans’s VP debate prep? Ted Olson, vociferous, leading advocate of homosexual “marriage.” That the conservative Ryan would have anything to do with Olson, let alone have him play such an important role in his campaign, bespeaks how empty his conservatism probably really is. It’s like same-sex marriage opponent Maggie Gallagher engaging in a respectful dialog with the conservative-hating homosexualist Dan Savage, a vile human being whom, if she had genuine respect for herself and her supposed social conservative convictions, she would have avoided like the plague.

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Eric writes:

In a way, couldn’t this be a good thing because Ted Olson might be able to articulate the same-sex marriage position better than others, so Ryan can sharpen his response? Playing a bit of devil’s advocate here.

Of course that would only be the case if it’s a meaningful part of the debate prep, which I somewhat doubt.

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