Spanish fans blame TV journalist/girlfriend of goalie for distracting him during loss

Reported at Huffington Post:

Sara Carbonero, a beautiful sideline reporter and girlfriend of Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas, is being blamed by some fans for Spain’s shocking World Cup loss to Switzerland on Wednesday.

The Guardian reports that the gorgeous sportscaster is accused of distracting her boyfriend by being so close to the field before and during the crucial match. Casillas allowed the game’s only goal, and Spanish fans are worried that Carbonero could be to blame.

Here’s more on the story, from the Mail:

After widely being blamed for the haphazard manner of Switzerland’s winning goal in Spain’s opening World Cup match, goalkeeper and captain Iker Casillas faced a further acklash when fans claimed he was distracted by his TV presenter girlfriend who was seen lingering behind the goal during the match.

But was it her fault? Carbonero (far right in white top) was only metres
away from Casillas throughout the match as she reported from the touchline

But if that wasn’t bad enough the stopper was then harangued by Sara Carbonero live on television.

The glamorous sports presenter—voted the sexiest journalist in the world—demanded to know exactly what had gone wrong in the shock defeat by Switzerland.

‘How did you muck that up?’, she asked, leaving Casilllas squirming in embarrassment.


‘I don’t know what to say,’ he said, unable to look her in the eye. ‘I don’t know if this defeat will have consequences. The dressing room is fed up.’

Casillas then slunk off abashed to console himself after the 1-0 defeat which came when former Manchester City man Gelson Fernandes bundled home early in the second half. [See video of interview here.]

But he wasn’t the only one facing questions.

His 25-year-old girlfriend, a reporter for the Telecinco channel, soon found herself the subject of another Spanish inquisition.

Irate fans claimed her presence on the sidelines—directly behind Casillas—had distracted him. Websites were inundated with comments claiming his mind may have been on ‘other things’

Casillas and Carbonero started dating at the Confederations Cup in South Africa last year.

Her presence at this year’s World Cup prompted controversy as Spanish WAGs [wives and girlfriends?]—known as ‘esposas y novias’—typically do not travel with the national side.

Some claimed she could only be a distraction to Casillas.

But the brunette, the most high-profile Spanish WAG and a tabloid favourite, was quick to rebuff the criticism.

‘Can I destabilise the team? I think it is nonsense,’ she said in an interview on Telecinco.

Among other things brought out by this story, has it occurred to anyone that a society that holds contests for “sexiest journalist in the world” has badly lost its way? How about a contest for “sexiest political commentator,” “sexiest philosopher,” “sexiest defense analyst”? Yet that is where we are (Fox News, anyone?), and, as absurd as it is, it is simply a logical and inevitable result of our society’s sacred goal of making women equal to men in all areas of life.

In connection with which, I feel a Dylan paraphrase coming on:

Well, the moral of this story
The moral of this song
Is simply that girls should never be
Where girls do not belong.

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