The ultimate cheapening II

I posted the other day about Michelle Obama’s appearance via satellite hookup at the Academy Awards, where she co-presented the Oscar for Best Picture, but I hadn’t seen a photograph of it. Here it is. I’m even more stunned than I was before. America lies dead and prostrate under imperial-style rulers who despise it, who seek to bring it down as far as possible, namely to their own gaudy-celebrity level, and who get great pleasure from doing so. At the bottom of the cult of self-esteem is hatred of one’s society, hatred of the world.


Remember that the persons flanking the First Lady are armed services members, used by the President’s wife and in the White House as props in the delivery of an Academy Award.

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DJM writes:

I am looking at the armed services members in the photo. I may be wrong, but the facial expressions appear to be, from left to right, “This is an outrage!”; “Oh, brother!”; (Michelle Obama); “That dress was made from Reynolds Wrap!”; “Just wait for them to ask me to re-up! [extend my time in the service]” and last, the half-hidden one is simply rolling his eyes and smirking.

Yes. This is a cheap, tawdry scene. It is appalling on so many levels. I cannot imagine either of the Bush wives doing this, or Hillary Clinton.

February 28

Sam writes:

This just illustrates that, as Ann Barnhardt once put it, the American people have become too stupid and degenerate to self-govern. We are like the adoring throngs of peons in South America who would celebrity-worship the dictators who kept them impoverished. They had no sense of the health of their society, only the glamor and celebrity of power. And thus they adore those with the glamor of power irrespective of whether they exercise that power to some good end.

LA replies:

Very well put.

Brandon F. writes:

What about the bangs? The vanity and inappropriateness of this style, with its youthful wish and awkward look on a black person, is astounding. This is the most un-First Lady First Lady in history just by virtue of her style, not counting her actions.

LA replies:

It’s the free, self-autonomous female self, broken free from any normative social order, constantly experimenting with and changing her self, in order to assert her self ever more powerfully, noticeably, and disturbingly. It’s a type of self-expression that is radically anti-social.

Madonna has been the leader in that, misshaping and perverting (by now) at least two generations of females.

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