The humbling of Hillary

On the report that Hillary Clinton grew teary eyed and her voice quaked at a campaign event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire today (video here), I want to add that the last couple of times I’ve seen her addressing groups of voters over the weekend, her face looked tired, but it made her more (to use a word I’ve been overusing today) likable, even as she displayed impressive energy and focus in responding to questions. Someone seeing that event who previously knew nothing about Hillary Clinton would not think of her as the shrill artificial person many people think of her as being. Getting knocked down from the throne she’s occupied all these years seems to be humanizing her.

Which raises an interesting possibility. If she comes back and wins the New Hampshire primary, she’s back in the race and it’s an all-out battle. If she loses New Hampshire and soldiers on as a wounded and humiliated but still game candidate, she will no longer be the Ice Queen, but an ordinary, struggling mortal. Which may have the effect of turning her into a more sympathetic and genuine figure, a person who has been hurt and shows it. From that position she may start to gain new sympathy and support and get back into the race.

Apart from such minor points as the fate of America, there’s nothing like the human drama of a presidential election campaign.

* * *

As for what I would like to see happen on the Democratic side, I am torn. My basic view all along has been that a Clinton return to the White House would be a nightmare, and that it would be better for the clean-cut Obama to defeat Hillary for the nomination, and hope for an acceptable Republican to defeat Obama. The thought of Obama as president was actually less disturbing than the thought of Hillary. But in light of the racial agenda and the steady undercurrent of racial rage I saw in Mrs. Obama last night as she addressed New Hampshire voters, the thought of the Obamas in the White House is pretty terrible too, even as Hillary by contrast starts to seem like a familiar and dependable figure. Also, a woman as president would be less destructive of the nation’s identity than a messianic black who sees the election of his black self as the salvation of sinful bigoted white America. That’s what Mrs. Obama plainly thinks. And if she thinks it, her husband must think it too, though he doesn’t say it openly.

* * *

Needless to say, the L-dotters are not sympathetic to Hillary’s teary moment, but are either mocking it or doing a sack dance around it it.

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