America’s quiet anger

Writing at The American Spectator, James Gannon catalogues the “quiet anger” of “small town and Middle American folks” at what the Democrats have done, and at the way they are being attacked. It includes this:

They are embittered, too, by the rhetoric of a triumphant president who turns on its head Winston Churchill’s heroic attitude promising defiance in defeat but magnanimity in victory. For a president of a deeply divided country, defiance in victory is not an endearing posture. It has all the persuasive charm of a Chad Ochocinco victory dance in the end zone of the opponent’s stadium.

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Gintas writes:

From the article:

Their wound is deep, and it will not be salved by more presidential speeches, Congressional hand-outs, or promises of wonderful things to come. They no longer believe any of that. Their quiet rage abides, waiting till it can be expressed in that silent place behind the curtain where the ballot lists the names that they have now committed to an angry memory.

And who will they vote for? The party of Bush-Dole-McCain? Note: after the upheaval of 1994, who did the GOP place before us? BOB DOLE.

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