The soul of the New York Times, cont.

Byron York at the Corner points out that the New York Times has not once reported in a news story that Jeremiah Wright said “God damn America,” though the quote was mentioned in two op-eds, one by William Kristol and the other by Maureen Dowd. York continues:

Now, I should say that it has been mentioned again in the paper—over the weekend, in an editorial condemning the North Carolina Republican Party for its Wright ad. “The ad is built around the well-known video clip of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.—Mr. Obama’s former pastor—declaring ‘God damn America,’” the Times editorial says. “We have said before that we find Rev. Wright’s oratory racist.” OK, that’s three mentions on the editorial page. But the news pages of the Times still have a clean record—they have never reported Wright’s original “God damn America” quote.

But York misses the most damning point: that the Times takes credit for having previously criticized Wright’s oratory, when, in fact, it had never quoted his most discreditable and best known statement. How could it condemn something it hadn’t mentioned? In the editorial, the Times even has the audacity to refer to the “well-known video clip” of Wright declaring ‘God damn America.” But if the quote is well-known, that is not because of anything done by the Times, which suppressed the quote rather than reported it. Further, as Byron York tells us, to this day the Times has still not reported the quote in a news article.

The editors and reporters of the Times are not just “biased.” They are conscious, stone-cold, Soviet-style liars. And somehow they get away with it.

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