Why liberal arguments for immigration restriction go nowhere

In a current thread on a different topic, I wrote:

I was told about a panel on immigration on CSPAN this weekend in which the most conservative member of the panel was Carol Swain, the black author. She argued that immigration should be reduced because it harms the economic prospects of blacks. Among the other panel members, this argument got nowhere.

Why? The answer is simple: the highest liberal principle is the non-discriminatory inclusion of all peoples and cultures. That principle transcends any concern about possible economic harm to some blacks.

Or, to put the same idea in more direct and brutal terms: the highest liberal principle is the destruction of white America. That principle transcends any concern about blacks’ economic well-being—even for the blacks themselves.

People who think that they can win the argument for reduced immigration on the basis of the economic well-being of blacks and other such liberal concerns are delusional, because they don’t recognize what actually drives the support for open borders.

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March 3

Col. B. Bunny comments on the above at his blog, Intergalactic Source of Truth:

Whites who won’t see this are indeed delusional, ensnared like a dolphin in a Japanese fish net by the tra la la blather about American exceptionalism, huddled masses yearning for benefits, unstoppable assimilation, slavery the eternal blot, anti-Christ McCarthy, no hate speech in free speech, living Constitution, PC, and santeria, voodoo, and honor killing as essential additions to Christian America.

I particularly like the phrase, “unstoppable assimilation.” That really gets the liberals’ insane, anti-reality faith.

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