Terry Jones, our benefactor whom we despise

Dean Ericson writes:

Terry Jones’s action has been the single most bracing and courageous act of rebellion against the suffocating, mindless liberalism that infects nearly every American mind. In one dramatic gesture Jones proves that Islam is not a “religion of peace.” In one clarifying act he has demonstrated the utter futility of our Islamic nation-building folly. He has shown how shaky is the house of cards built by liberals—so shaky that one obscure man can make the whole pile of lies tremble. One obscure man can make the entire U.S. command structure get down on their knees to Muslims to beg forgiveness. One obscure man can so alarm the President of the USA that he feels the need to denounce him publicly. It’s an enlightening sight to see. And all because one man has the courage of his conviction that Islam is of the devil, and that we are in great danger, and that it would be a good thing to try and warn us of that danger. And for that generous, decent, and courageous act, what thanks does he get? He has nearly the entire country—an entire country seemingly composed of idiots and mindless lemmings—all denouncing him, questioning his sanity, smearing him, pouring out a sewer of hate and malevolence on his head. The wretches. There is something Christlike in making such a sacrifice for such heartless and brainless ingrates.

I went on Jones website, and ordered the mug, the T-shirt, and the cap, emblazoned with “Islam is of the Devil.” In this modern age of mealy-mouthed, non-judgmental morality it is bracing to see Islam forthrightly denounced as demonic. Islam is of the devil, and so is liberalism. I only wish Pastor Jones also offered items inscribed with “Liberalism is of the Devil.” (Say, do you realize that simply by adding your initials, “LA” to “liberalism” (“liberalisLAm”) you can denounce two devils with one stone?—“LIBERALISLAM IS OF THE DEVIL!”)

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