Coulter on Cain

Ann Coulter has a good column on the attack on Herman Cain. Like Andrew McCarthy, she says it’s nothing but a leftist hit job.

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Ken Hechtman writes:

Ann Coulter writes:

All we learned was: About a decade ago, as many as two anonymous women accused Cain of making unspecified “inappropriate” remarks and one “inappropriate” gesture in the workplace. (We had more than that on John Edwards’ mistress a year into the media’s refusal to report that story.)

If the details helped liberals, we’d have the details.

Not necessarily. There’s another reason why the two women haven’t come forward. Both of them had to sign non-disclosure agreements to get their severance pay. They can’t come forward and provide the details because they’ll lose the severance pay and maybe more money on top of that. If we’ve only heard Herman Cain’s version of the story, it’s not because liberal news editors want it that way. It’s because Cain’s company wants it that way.

See this:

When news broke of two women making sexual harassment allegations against GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain, the women’s identities were kept confidential to protect their privacy. Days after the story broke, however, one of Cain’s accusers—frustrated because of Cain’s constant denials of such inappropriate conduct—indicated that she wanted to come forward and tell her side of the story. Yesterday evening, however, the Washington Post reported, “Joel P. Bennett, a lawyer representing one of two women who made the claims against Cain, said Tuesday that his client is barred from publicly relating her side because of a non-disclosure agreement she signed upon leaving the National Restaurant Association, where Cain served as president from 1996 through 1999.”

On Sunday, Politico reported that during Cain’s tenure as president and CEO of the restaurant association, two women complained of sexually suggestive behavior by Cain that made them “angry and uncomfortable.” Reports indicate that the women ultimately left the restaurant association after they signed non-disclosure agreements and were given financial payouts to settle the matter….

It also seems a stretch to blame “liberals” or “the left” for Republican primary mudslinging. Wouldn’t one of Cain’s primary opponents have more to gain, especially given the timing of the leak?

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