War is peace, freedom is slavery, defiance is surrender

“We will not yield” to terrorists, Bush bravely intones. But what does our president mean by this? He doesn’t mean that we will crack down on Western Moslems (aka “Islamists”) and deport any Moslem who supports Islamic radicalism. He means that we will not pull out of Iraq! I’ve written in the past about how neoconservatives blame multiculturalism, not on mass Third-World immigration with its inevitable effects on our national identity, but on some other factor, such as black socio-economic deficiencies, or post-modernism, or leftist anti-Americanism. And now the same type of avoidance is in operation in relation to the problem of terrorism. Terrorism in the West, according to Bush and his neoconservative supporters, is not due to the fact that millions of jihadists have been planted in the West thanks to our liberal immigration laws; it’s due to the fact that we haven’t yet subdued a terror insurgency on the other side of the world. As long as that insurgency is in existence and we are fighting it, al Qaeda will continue to send terrorists against America’s Iraq Coalition allies in order to get them to pull out of Iraq, as Ben Johnson wrote yesterday at FrontPage Magazine. Furthermore, when we remember Secretary Rumsfeld’s comment that defeating the insurgency may take 12 years, we realize that, according to the Bush supporters’ own logic, we must remain vulnerable to domestic terrorism for the next 12 years.

The one constant is that immigration itself must never be criticized, must never been seen as the cause of any serious problem. Indeed, according to this way of thinking, since open immigration, particularly the open immigration of non-Europeans, is the very essence of America, to turn against open immigration is to attack America, and thus to allow our enemies to win. “To refuse to surrender” therefore means to refuse to surrender the principle of non-discrimination toward non-Europeans. So, when Bush says, “We will not yield to terrorists,” he means that we will continue to welcome the mass immigration of jihad-supporting Moslems into the West.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 09, 2005 11:15 AM | Send

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