Our programmed nation

James P. writes:

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel contends in an editorial,

Some witnesses and residents questioned whether race played a role in the looting and beatings. Witnesses say the attacks were unprovoked and that the victims were white and the attackers were African-American. But we’d agree with Flynn, who said crime is colorblind. [LA replies: see my previous response to Chief Flynn’s “crime is colorblind” remark.] Flynn also downplayed the notion that police tried to minimize the severity of the incidents. Flynn said that initially police weren’t fully informed of the details.

Next to the editorial is a link to a surveillance video from the Riverwest gas station that was looted. For some reason the video is “unavailable”—but one can find a gallery of still shots captured from the video here. Does it look like this crime was colorblind to you? I’d say people like the editorial writer and the police chief who call the crimes in Riverwest “colorblind” are foolish people, without understanding; who have eyes, and see not.

LA replies:

No, it’s much worse than failing to see a thing as a result of foolishness or thickness or complacency or mental sloth. It’s a totally ideologized mindset out of Nineteen Eighty Four, in which people have been programmed and self-programmed to deny that two plus two equals four.

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