The man who brought hell to earth

That a lone man had the evil intent and determination to shoot dead that many people, and the ability and will to carry it out—it’s beyond shocking. I am physically stunned by the magnitude of this. Previous mass murders by a lone gunman that I can think of had no more than fifteen or twenty victims, though the Fort Hood jihadist wounded about thirty in addition to the thirteen he killed. But eighty? And all or most of them young people? Hell has opened wide its jaws.

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Roland D. writes:

He was able to kill 80 on the island because the citizens of Eurosocialist countries are forbidden guns, and trained to docility.

If even one of them had a gun, or ready access to a gun, the killer could’ve been brought down easily.

Even with no guns, a determined few could’ve brought him down, had they courage. But European men have been leached of the manly virtues, and so they were all caught cowering, and slain, as none among them dared rush their attacker.

LA replies:

But I gather all the victims were children and teenagers.

LA continues:

No, that’s incorrect. The New York Times describes the camp as an “island summer camp for young members of the governing Labor Party.” So they would not be children but at least some of them young adults. The Times says some of the victims were as young as 16. Meaning the victims were all 16 or older. “Most of the campers were teenagers but there were also adults on the island, who may have been among the victims.”

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