In our culture, everyone is always on the make, even in the midst of a mass murder trial

Karl D. writes:

I know tomorrow’s elections are more on your mind these days as well as mine. But I wanted to send you this story because in a way it hooks into my deepest hopes for the outcome of said elections. During the penalty phase of the much publicized horrific murder/rape/robbery/arson case in Connecticut, a female juror secretly passed a love note to a court marshal asking him for a date, and almost blew the sentencing. Where does one even begin with this? The worship of the self? The liberated hyper sexualized female? Civic duty and morality? How could this woman even fantasize or have sexual thoughts while hearing testimony about a mother and her pre-pubescent daughter being brutally raped and murdered? Election Day is more important then mere economics. Hopefully it will harken a return to morality where woman such as this is not looked at as a silly desperate cow hooked on bad romance novels, but as a morally bankrupt person who should be viewed with disgust. A woman who feels embarrassed in front of her neighbors and family. I truly hope this election brings back something missing from society today. A sense of shame and a sense of duty.

LA replies:

I understand what you’re saying, but I think you’re pinning too much on elections.

By the way, I couldn’t bring myself to read the daily testimony in that trial. I just couldn’t. Yet this woman was not only not particularly disturbed by the testimony, but, apparently, put into the mood by it.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 01, 2010 05:35 PM | Send

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