Black and other nonwhite violence against whites: a grim collection

In recent weeks, I have posted a great many articles on the ongoing outbreaks of black on white violence in this country and elsewhere—and not just “ordinary” criminal violence, but violence of a specifically savage and threatening character. Collected in this entry will be articles about black on white violence, as well as about Hispanic (or Mestizo) on white violence, and Asian on white violence (and even nonwhite on nonwhite violence, such as the wilding of the brother of black author Carol Swain). Inseparable from the above is the white naivete and passivity in the face of these attacks—what I call the Eloi syndrome. Of course whites also kill other whites in horrific ways, as at Columbine High School. The Columbine Massacre and the Knoxville Atrocity are equally symptomatic of our liberal culture, but they are different types of phenomena, and need to be treated under different categories.

There is no pleasure in compiling this list of articles. Even to glance over the relatively small number of titles accumulated so far is a disturbing experience. But these terrible things are happening, they seem to be happening more and more frequently, and for our own safety and survival we need to know about it, instead of ignoring it and covering it up as the mainstream media with the compliance of whites have been doing for the last 40 years. Nonwhite violence against whites, whether the perpetrators explicitly express a racial motive or not, is not only a very bad thing in itself that has increased from virtually zero a half century ago to an unending, low-level intifida today, an intifada systematically ignored by mainstream media and society as a whole. It is the ultimate concretization of white America’s abandonment of its leadership position in its own land, and of its inclusion of, embrace of, and surrender to nonwhite and non-Western peoples. It is where the rubber meets the road on the path to national suicide.

Black on white savagery

Death penalty sought for black accused of murdering white co-ed [August 12, 2008]

In St. Louis, roving “wilding” gangs of up to 100 blacks attacking people at train stations [August 11, 2008]

Mob of black savages in Brooklyn beats three white men with bats when they try to rescue girl [August 11, 2008]

At least they weren’t killed [August 4: British couple tell of being attacked, the man severely beaten, the woman raped, in their Caribeean villa.]

Black savagery, white acceptance: the Biehl story [Jul 31, 2008. Kevin V. gives a detailed account of the savage murder of Amy Biehl and about how her parents later not only forgave her killers, but befriended them, had them as guests in their home, ate with them, employed them. It is the ultimate Tale of the Eloi.]

Five Dutch women raped in Kenya—I guess they hadn’t been reading VFR [Jul 31, 2008. In this entry I list 15 acts of horrifying black violence, in all but two of which the victims were white, and then I add: “These savage black attacks are in the news every week, almost every day, and the media never say, “There’s a dangerous element within the black population, and it’s especially dangerous to white people, there is a such a thing as black on white crime, therefore whites have got to take precautions when in black areas and when traveling in black countries.” These simple statements of fact are never uttered, because they would violate the liberal orthodoxy that race doesn’t matter and we can all live together as one. Instead, each incident, even when the respective races of the victims and perpetrators are mentioned, is treated as though it were isolated, having no relationship to any larger phenomenon. Since it is impossible for people who are under the influence of this liberal orthodoxy even to form the concept that blacks are particularly dangerous to whites, let alone to say it aloud, whites keep voluntarily, carelessly subjecting themselves to the black savagery.”]

Mirror reports Antigua victims were “tortured” [Jul 30, 2008]

Honeymooning British couple murdered in their hotel cabin on black Caribbean island [Jul 29, 2008. How the media made the execution-murders look like the victims’ fault, because they “confronted” the robbers in a “robbery gone wrong.” Lively discussion about how white people should not visit black countries unless they can provide for their own security or stay in five-star hotels. Summed up by me as: “Security is possible in these black-run countries, in hotels run by international corporations with their own facilities, standards, and procedures different from the usual way of doing things in that country. Alternatively, security is possible by paying sufficient money for your own armed guards.”]

Wilding in Charleston, October 1999 [July 21, 2008. White man bicycling through black neighborhood, knocked down by black mob, beaten about the head until brain damaged.]

Mob of blacks attacks police officers in London [Jul 20, 2008]

Another white family desolated [Jul 20, 2008]

At least apartheid is gone [Jun 24, 2006]

Black youth terrorizing white passengers in Portland, Oregon rail system [Jun 13, 2008. This entry segues into discussion of difference between barbarism and savagery and how Islam combines elements of both.]

The Morningside Heights atrocity, and a question for Obama [Jun 7, 2008]

Victim’s escape [What the Hamilton Height’s torturer did to his victim, and how she escaped death.]

We must face the fact of black racist violence against whites [Link to Fred Reed’s December 2007 article on the continuing reality—the systematically ignored and covered-up reality—of race-motivated black-on-white violence in America. It concerns the white woman who was set upon by a gang of black “youths” in a Baltimore bus and severely beaten about the head and face.]

What really happened in Jena [Sep 22, 2007]

Finally, a black speaks the truth about blacks [September 2005. A black female minister speaks about the savagery of much of the black population in New Orleans and the failure of the rest of the black population to do anything to stop it. The combination of black failure and black savagery—resulting, moreover, in black misery—is such a stunning indictment of black America that black and leftist opinion, including foreign opinion, is virtually compelled to blame the whole New Orleans disaster on white racism.]

What whites really don’t understand about blacks is not what they think they don’t understand [Whites’ mistake in certain racial standoffs is that they think blacks are being rational, and so they admit them as equal participants in the discussion, whereas blacks are not being rational but are advancing essentially pro-criminal, anti-police, anti-white attitudes which whites need to identify as such. Includes account of my call to Bob Grant in 1995 about whites’ cluelessness about blacks in the TV discussions following the OJ Simpson acquittal.]

America’s ongoing crimes against blacks, and what it needs to do to make up for them [Exchange with Kerry M. who lays out his case for what whites must do to make up for their oppression of blacks. “Kerry M. and millions of blacks who think the way he does believe that white America has never done anything for blacks, believe that whites are still oppressing blacks in the most horrible, conscienceless way, and that the black situation in America hasn’t improved at all; they believe that whites are guilty, deeply guilty and deeply deserving of black racial vengeance, because of this ongoing white racial oppression of blacks! … it is in white America’s vital interest to acknowledge the existence of this permanent black hatred of whites, so vastly worse than anything Jefferson imagined, and then to act accordingly. … if whites at least faced the truth about what many blacks really think about whites and what they want from whites, … then whites could start acting in a rational way for their own safety and survival against nonwhite peoples who have an unappeasable hatred of whites and seek their destruction.”]

Black couple murder pregnant white woman and cut open her body to steal her baby [In entry about a contemporary similar crime done to a black victime, commenter tells of 1995 case in which Fedell Caffey and Jacqueline Williams shot Deborah Evans, a white woman, in head and cut out her baby, also killing her two other children. Link to Time magazine article is included.]

20/20 on the Anne Pressly case [December 2008. The real lessons in the murder of Anne Pressly that ABC ignored. This entry contains links to other VFR entries on Pressly case.]

Guilty verdict in Anne Pressly murder trial [Nov. 2009. Includes account from first day of trial with description of the victim’s injuries]

Mclauchlin murderer executed [December 2008. Sixteen years after the gang rape, torture, and murder of Missi McLauchlin. The entry links 2003 AR article with full account of what happened. It was an extreme case both of white female Eloi behavior, and of race-avenging black savagery.]

Before Anne Pressly, there was Christa Worthington [Fashion writer who lived alone in house in Cape Cod raped and murdered by black man in 2002. In this long unsolved case, about which a book was written before it was solved, all of her (white) male acquaintances and relatives were suspected, until DNA showed it was the black man. Many disbelieved it.]

A black-on-white rape and murder, which a movie changed into a white-on-white murder [Marcy Conrad, raped and murdered in 1981 by 16 year old Anthony Jacques Broussard, who bragged to his high school friends about strangling her, and over a period of two days brought them to view the body in the outdoor place where he had left it. News accounts, Time magazine, even a movie made about the incident, left out the killer’s race or changed it to white.]

More on the Missouri woman who shot dead her rapist [A 57 year old Cape Girardeau woman was attacked and raped in her home by black man Ronnie W. Preyer; he told her not to tell anyone, but she did. On October 31, 2008, he broke into the house again.This time she had a shot gun and shot him dead.]

Black man comes up behind young white woman in liquor store and stabs her to death [Baltimore County, November, 2008].

The death of Hattie Carroll in reverse. [January 2009. Linda Stein, “The Realtor to the Stars,” hired Natavia Lowery as her personal assistant, not knowing about Lowery’s background of theft, and four months later, in October 2007, Lowery murdered Stein by repeatedly striking her in the face and neck with a wooden yoga stick, later telling police she did it because Steyn had repeatedly racially insulted her and mistreated her.]

White woman shows 22 year old black man her condo, and he kills her [Eugenia “Jeanne” Calle, a prominent cancer researcher in Atlanta, thought that a 22 year old black man she ran into in the lobby of her building was a legitimate person shopping for a condo. She brought him up to her apartment, and he bludgeoned her to death. February 2009.]

18 year old white girl gets into cab with black man who rapes and murders her [Posted March 2009. The death in July 2006 of Jennifer Moore of Saddle Brook, New Jersey, who went walking alone drunk in Manhattan streets in the middle of night after her friend had been taken drunk to the hospital. A black pimp picked her up, took her in a cab to his New Jersey hotel where he raped and sodomized her, then strangled her to death. The Times describes it as a “chance” event.]

Subsequent entries on Jennifer Moore murder: Reasons for the three year delay in the Draymond Coleman murder trial; and An alternative view of Weehawken

Mixed-race predator sentenced to life (14 years) for murdering white boy [In a suburban London baker’s shop in May 2008, 16 year old Jimmy Mizen was murdered by 19 year old Jake Fahri who smashed a heavy glass bakery dish into Jimmy’s face with such force it severed his jugular vein and his carotid artery and he bled to death.]

Black on trial for rape and murder of white co-ed [October 2007. University of Eastern Michigan student Orange Amir Taylor III raped and murdered Laura Dickinson in her dorm room in December 2006. The university covered up the crime, said she died of natural causes. Top officials at university were fired for the cover-up.]

Another black on white murder in London [June 2008. 16 year old Ben Kinsella, celebrating with friends in a pub at 2 a.m. after exams, was chased down by a gang of blacks and stabbed to death.]

Britain + Blacks = Ben Kinsella dead [June, 2009. Photos of Ben Kinsella and the three demi-humans who took his life. “What do I mean by the title of this entry? Do I mean that all blacks, or most blacks, or a large minority of blacks are killers? Of course not. Do I want white people to hate or even dislike blacks in general? Absolutely not. It nevertheless remains a simple fact that blacks are almost an order of magnitude more violent than other races when it comes to such crimes as murder, rape, and armed robbery. To import a black population into a previously all-white country is to consign a large number of whites in that country, year after year, generation after generation, to violent death at the hands of blacks.”

Arrest in University of North Carolina murder [Demario James Atwater has been arrested for the murder of Eve Marie Carson, student body president at U of N. Carolina, Chapel Hill.].

Death penalty sought for black accused of murdering white co-ed [August 2008. Demario James Atwater and accomplice saw University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student body president Eve Marie Carson in her house though windows working at computer; abducted her, robbed her, and shot her dead.]

19 year old British model stabbed to death [November 2008. Amy Leigh Barnes. “An almost certain consequence of the Obama presidency will be that the number of young white women who get involved sexually with black men, perhaps with thoughts in their head of producing their own little Barack Obama, will increase. So will the number of young white women who get murdered by black men.” Discussion of photo of Amy Barnes wearing bikini with blowing death’s head on the bra, joining sex and death.]

Black ex-lover of Amy Barnes charged in her murder [Ricardo Morrison.]

19 year old English actress who was murdered by her black boyfriend had lived with him for a year—guess where [In her parents’ house. Then, shortly before the murder, Amy Barnes and Ricardo Morrison moved to her grandmother’s house, where the murder took place after she broke up with him. July 2009.

Death of an Eloi [Amy Leigh Barnes’s dying telephone call played in court. Ricardo Morrison had stabbed her nine times.]

Group of blacks hold white couple prisoner in London flat, repeatedly raping woman, torturing man [June 2009. Story only reported in a couple of local papers, not in any major papers. Race of perps only identified from photos, not from text. “How many white people in the whole damned Western world will speak openly and publicly about the ongoing intifada of savage black on white racial violence? How many British and American “conservatives” will do it? How many self-described “to the right of Attila the Hun” American conservatives will do it?”]

Not wanting to seem racist, woman allows herself to be held up and raped [March 2009. A woman had just left a store in Bakersfield, California, and noticed a man lurking in the parking lot. She told detectives later she was worried because the man looked like a thug, but she didn’t want to seem racist. So, not wanting to seem racist, woman proceeded to her car, where the man held her up at gun point and threatened to kill her 11 month old daughter if she didn’t do what he told her. He had her to drive to an ATM where he stole $500 from her, then he had had her drive to a junior high school parking lot where he raped her in front of her child.]

Sack dance [March 2009. Black kills four police officers in Oakland, California. Blacks hold parties celebrating. “What is it that many black people truly desire? What gives them pleasure and fulfillment? The tearing down and destruction of white people—whether in word, as in the sermons of Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright, or in reality. When black thugs murder whites, they are satisfying the desire, inchoate or explicit, of many many blacks.”]

In Britain, the strong are as cowardly about race as the weak [June 2009. Columnist says strong men with guns, not social work, needed to stop violent crime, yet he remains silent about race. Comment at Telegraph expressing the truth is removed.]

Black-on-white serial rape and murder that has nothing to do with race [John Floyd Thomas, biggest serial killer in history of Los Angeles, is black man who exclusively killed white women, yet coverage about him says nothing about race. May 2009.]

Enough of man bites dog! It’s back to dog bites man. [Reader: “Right on the heels of the murder of black athlete Steve McNair by a ‘Caucasian’ femme fatale, which you described as a ‘man bites dog’ story, we get the news of one Mohammed H. Ali getting a new trial ordered by the awful Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in the murder of football’s Hall of Fame wide receiver Fred Biletnikoff’s daughter Tracey. It’s like the natural (dis)order of the World has been reestablished after a five day summer hiatus.” July 2009.]

Another savage attack on whites on Caribbean island paradise [British husband Peter Green left paralysed and wife Murium loses part of her jaw in machete attack on Tobago. August 2009. Discussion of how authorities seek “motive” for savage acts done for the sake of savagery.]

17 year old girl kidnapped and murdered during errand to law school in downtown Los Angeles [Lily Burk, July 2009]

The murder of Lily Burk [L.A. Times says that a “collision of two worlds may have led to girl’s death,” and that “chance brought the two together on a quiet, tree-lined street.” Editors and writers who produce such things deserve to spend eons in a very bad place.]

Housekeeping manager at luxury New York hotel stalks and slays beautiful resident [September 2009. Black manager of Jumeira Essex House in New York City enters beautiful businesswoman Andree Bejjani’s room and stabs her to death in her bed with a ten inch kitchen knife. Police and New York Post describe the crime as a “sex attack gone awry.” I write: “See, he intended to rape her, but it didn’t work out, because she resisted him, so he ‘lost it’ and killed her instead of raping her. Of course rape turning into murder is one of the most common things there is, especially when the rapist initiates the rape with a 10 inch knife in his hand. But the NYPD and the Post would have the public believe there’s no ordinary and predictable connection between rape and murder.” Preceded by essay by me on why police and reporters describe murders as “a burglary gone wrong,” and as “a random act.”]

Andree Bajjani’s fatal passivity in the jungle of a New York luxury hotel [She had expressed fears about her safety at the hotel to several people. Yet she apparently hadn’t done anything about her fears. In fact she seemed fatalistic… She didn’t even secure her door with a chain lock! … A beautiful woman, of pronounced liberal sympathies, residing in a hotel/condominium with a large nonwhite staff, at least one of whom (she knew) was preying on her, and she undertook no actions to protect herself. … She was a typical Eloi.]

Blacks and Hispanics gang-rape white girl. Race had nothing to do with it. [Between seven and ten Hispanics and blacks plus a 15 year old white boy, with about ten others looking on, gang-rape a 15 year old white girl for two and a half hours on the campus of Richmond High School in Richmond, California during a school dance. Links to earlier entries on this crime, when the race of the victim was not known for sure, are listed in this entry]

Young white man is nearly hit by car. He yells, “Watch what you’re doing.” Two blacks get out of car and stomp him almost to death. [November 2009, in Kent, Ohio. “Here’s the reality. Blacks are a danger to whites. More blacks are more ‘empowered,’ more angry, more violent, and more dangerous than ever. Whites need to be aware of these facts. They need to talk about them publicly. They need to make this a public issue and push media and politicians to acknowledge it. They need to change their own behavior so as not to put themselves needlessly at risk from dangerous blacks. And they need to be prepared to defend themselves.”]

Two more American female Eloi get themselves killed by nonwhites [Kirsten Brydum was a hippie type, a well-known activist in San Francisco, bicycling alone through a black neighborhood in New Orleans at 1:30 a.m. In one of the items about Kirsten, I came upon a reference to the recent murder of another young white American woman, Marcella “Sali” Grace Eiler, in Oaxaca, Mexico. Kirsten and Sali are but the latest representatives of the seemingly endless supply of naive, often idealistic, or simply reckless young white women who put themselves in dangerous situations, often with nonwhite men, and get themselves killed. October 2008.]

Possessive man, after two week affair, does unspeakable thing to young woman [October 2009. When Katie Piper, a young Englishwoman, tried to end her affair with Daniel Lynch, a black martial arts devotee, first he raped her, then he had acid thrown in her face. “Women have basic weaknesses built into their nature. Traditional society provides girls and women with an upbringing, a formation, that gives them the ability not to give into those weaknesses, for example, to fend off alluring but dangerous men. But in liberal society, they have no formation, no guidance, no upbringing, except for the liberal message to be open, to pursue your desires, and not to judge people. So liberal society exacerbates young women’s weakest and most vulnerable side and turns them into victims. Liberal society is a factory for the production of dead (or in this case disfigured) young white women.”]

The savage jungle into which liberalism delivers young women [October 2009. Regarding the Katie Piper case, Mark Richardson points out that if a woman is interested in marriage, or even just in romantic love, she will inspect a man’s character before allowing him to be intimate with her. But if all she is interested in sex, she will not inspect his character. Katie Piper “fancied” Daniel Lynch, and on that basis alone she embarked on a sexual affair with him which led directly to him destroying her face in an acid attack.]

20/20 on the Katie Piper case [January 2010.]

Man murders, half-decapitates girlfriend in Lower East Side apartment [April 2011. “Dazzling blonde” Sarah Coit murdered by her black live-in boyfriend Raul Barrera in their Lower East Side apartment, while many neighbors hear her screams.]

Why white women put themselves in great danger when they hook up with a black man [Commenter Keisha writes about the murder of Sarah Coit: “Young white women need to understand that its a black mans dream to date a beautiful white girl. If a white girl gives them a chance and dates them black men feel they are on top of the world. If the white girl trys to leave them then the black man becomes violent and jealous and will surly hurt them.” I add: “What we have here is the standard dynamic in which a woman’s dumping of a man leads him to kill her. However, as Keisha points out, that all-too-familiar dynamic is greatly exacerbated in the case of a black man being dumped by a white woman.”]

The Knoxville atrocity

Atrocity in Knoxville

Request to a reader for information on the Knoxville double murder

Racial murder and the fact-value distinction

What happened in Knoxville [This quotes a knowledgeable source in Knoxville whose statements were passed on to me via a third party.]

What happened in Knoxville, revisited [This links to Nicholas Stix’s detailed account of what happened, published last May at American Renaissance. Stix read the actual police and prosecutor’s reports filed with the court, which have not been made readily available and have never been reported in the media.]

Getting the facts about the Knoxville Atrocity to the mainstream media [summarizing the above and quoting from the Stix article.]

Black (and other nonwhite) on black violence

Black savagery, cont. [Oct 8, 2007. Black mob attacked black author Carol Swain’s brother.]

Black woman cuts open pregnant woman to take her baby [July 2008]

The repeatedly arrested violent illegal alien who was never handed over to INS [And who then executed three young black people in Newark, New Jersey.]

Nonwhite (other than black) on white violence

Minnesota whites’ reaction to second “Asian” baseball bat assault in three days [About amazing article about Eloi whites having nothing to say about being threatened by Hmong savages.]

15 year old white girl murdered by Mexican illegal aliens; and thoughts on the unprincipled exception [Girl from Texas visiting her older sister in low-rent apartment complex in Oregon; Mexican illegal alien, who had previously pled guilty to drunk driving and been released, stepped on her throat to silence her while his cousin was raping her.]

Chandra Levy, eight years dead, the latest victim of nonwhite immigration [Includes quotations from 200 Washington Post article detailing Guandique’s previous assaults on women in the same park.]

D.C. police incompetence in Chandra Levy case beyond the beyond [Investigators in Levy case didn’t look into Guandique’s previous attacks on women in the same park until 2008.]

Salvadoran illegal alien arrested in Chandra Levy murder [Including photos of suspect Ingmar Guandique and Levy with text, “When a society opens up its borders to people like this, lots of people like this end up dead,” followed by my explanation why the photos and text are not inciting hate, but about the inevitable result of mass Third-World immigration. Also includes a response to the U.S. attorney in the case who called it a “random” attack.]

How Ecuadorian illegal alien murdered Adrienne Shelly

An Iranian immigrant who set out to murder white Americans, 1990 [Posted October 2009. “Berkeley, Calif.—A ‘deranged’ Iranian gunman with a hatred of blond Americans died in a burst of police bullets Thursday, seven hours after he stormed a bar, killed one man, wounded seven people and took 33 hostages.”]

The Greyhound Beheader (first week of August 2008, in chronological order, including related stories)

A new phase of jihad? Man stabbed to death and decapitated on bus in Canada

36 hours after beheading in Canada bus, no new information

37 hours after beheading, Canadian police release name of beheader

Stereotypes, reasonable assumptions, and liberalism

VFR most visited site reporting on killer’s background

Was the beheading an instance of “voluntary jihad syndrome”?

Chinese language paper said to report that bus beheader is a Muslim

Why we will never learn the truth, cont.

It’s virtually definite: he’s a Muslim

Beheader briefly attended services at Baptist church in Winnipeg

That cannibalism report

Beheader’s mental condition in his Winnipeg years was worse than previously reported

Guess what is the most common surname in Canada?

Another twist on Li the beheader

A beheading in Greece;
Is Islam entering our culture, and our psyches

More details on Li; and a super-liberal excuse-monger speaks about him

Muslim cannibalism?

UK businessman decapitates self with Aston Martin DB7

Greyhound beheader says voice of God told him to kill Timothy McLean [At the trial, the full extent of Li’s mutilation of Timothy McLean’s dead body is told for first time.]

The horror, the horror [“He will be institutionalized without a criminal record and will be reassessed every year by a mental health review board to determine if he is fit for release into the community.”]

The Virginia Tech Massacre (April 2007)

The Virginia Tech killer was a South Korean English major named Cho Seung-Hu

Beyond Eloihood

Columbine II

If the Koreans are our friends, why do they dislike us so much?

Why I haven’t been watching the coverage of Virginia Tech

The worst thing the Virginia Tech leadership did

How can liberals speak of a bad thing, if they don’t believe in the good?

How the Virginia Tech atrocity was a tragedy

The two-step to utopia

Another American “tragedy”

On immigration and the Virginia Tech atrocity

The silent presence

The Binghamton Massacre (April 2009)

Massacre and hostage-taking at upstate New York immigration center

At least 13 dead. Shooter, “an Asian male in his 20s,” apparently a Vietnamese, has killed himself

Binghamton police waited for an hour outside silent building

Something to be thankful for [If the killer had been a white man, “it would have been the end of the United States.”]

America, practicing non-discrimination, admits 30 million nonwhite immigrants, a nonwhite immigrant commits mass murder, and it’s America’s fault, for being discriminatory against nonwhite immigrants

Police, mass murder, and relativism

Under the New York Penal Code, what is the sentence for committing a tragedy?

Immigrant mass murderer said, “America sucks”

Why whites are blamed for nonwhite crime

Sermon of the Mounties? [About how police wait instead of confronting criminals, with model being Mounties waiting outside bus while the Chinese Canadian beheader cannibalized his victim.]

Asian immigrant lives in America for 20 years, doesn’t learn English, and it’s America’s fault

Binghamton mass murderer sent letter to TV station the day of the attack

Thoughts in the aftermath of the Binghamton mass murder

Why was Wong allowed a pistol permit?

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