No quick path to British referendum

A columnist at the Daily Express, Ted Jeory, said on Sunday that there was now “unstoppable” momentum in Britain for a referendum on EU membership and departure from the EU. I thought that was awfully overstated, a typical example of how political journalists, particularly of the British euro-skeptic variety, tend to present their own hopes and wishes as facts. And, indeed, in Tuesday’s New York Times, the article on Cameron’s appearance in the House of Commons on Monday (with his coalition partner Nick Clegg notably absent) included this:

Although Mr. Cameron faced a few gentle questions about whether to hold a national referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union, something the anti-Europe faction dearly wants, he batted them briskly away.

But wasn’t a referendum promised in the past (if not by Cameron, then by the previous, Labour government, which broke the promise)? What must the British people do to have their direct say on this most vital matter?

Meanwhile, reports the Daily Express, “EU PLOTS REVENGE AGAINST BRITAIN.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 13, 2011 10:04 AM | Send

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