An anonymous attack on Gingrich

An article in’s Must Reads this morning began:

A former House GOP leadership staffer claims that to fully understand the hazards of former speaker of the House Newton L. “Newt” Gingrich’s leadership-style, the critical year is 1998. Gingrich held on to the Speakership against an attempted coup in 1997, so going into the 1998 election and budget negotiations, he had the chance to make things right, said the former staffer, who asked his name be withheld because he works at a political advisory firm for Washington clients.

The second comment following the excerpt was this:

Reply 2 - Posted by: tocsin, 12/12/2011 6:31:02 AM

If you don’t have the huevos to stand up like a man and tell your story, I won’t believe what you say.
So slither back under your rock.
Same goes for ”publications” who print this gossip.

I found the commenter’s reasoning persuasive and did not click on the article.

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Paul K. writes:

I couldn’t resist reading the article at and can assure you you didn’t miss anything. Nothing newsworthy was revealed. Takeaway: Gingrich is flaky.

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