Why McChrystal is worse than Obama

Diana West says that since there is absolutely no difference between Obama’s counterinsurgency (COIN) policy in Afghanistan and McChrystal’s, the general’s dismissal makes no difference. This is the same COIN with its rules of engagement that require the sacrifice of our soldier’s lives on the altar of the liberal belief that Afghan Muslims are basically just like us, and that therefore we can win their hearts and minds by, among other means, prohibiting our men from using force against the Taliban when there are any civilians nearby who might be hurt. But West is missing a key difference between McChrystal and Obama, the very difference which led to the former’s vocal displeasure with the latter which in turn led to the former’s firing: Obama’s announcement of a withdrawal date from Afghanistan of July 2011, which rendered McChrystal’s COIN strategy even more unworkable than it already was. So, ironically, West should support Obama over McChrystal, since Obama’s policy means that we only sacrifice our soldiers on the altar of liberalism until July 2011, while McChrystal’s policy (backed by many of the neocons) means sacrificing them forever.

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Diana West replies:

I didn’t miss the difference between Obama and McChrystal, but I consider it to be a tactical difference, not a strategic or philosophical (COIN) difference.

Meanwhile, assorted administration reps including Gates and McChrystal have repeatedly stressed in Afghanistan and elsewhere that regardless of deadlines, the mission continues for years past any stated troop deadline. And if you examine the unbelieveable amounts of infrastructure we’ve have been laying down, it would seem there is little likelihood of physically departing (really departing as opposed to drawing down some troops possibly) anytime so soon (unless we’re chased out). Nothing looks temporary about the actual preparations, but that’s a side supposition.

I don’t recall seeing a reference to the July 2011 deadline in the Rolling Stone story as a source of anger that would have led to McC’s firing, but again, the deadline is not a difference over the war-fighting philosophy or anything about the policy in general.

Also, here’s a link to the kind of non-deadline talk I mentioned.

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