The AP—back to its usual form

In the midst of a straight-seeming piece of political analysis of the troubles the Democrats face in the 2010 House elections, Beth Fouhy of AP writes:

Add to that the absence of Obama from the top of the ticket, which could reduce turnout among blacks, liberals and young people, and the likelihood of a highly motivated GOP base confused by the president’s proposed health care plan and angry at what they consider reckless spending and high debt.

Fouhy couldn’t use descriptive language and say that the GOP base “oppose” the presidents’ heath car plan. No, she had to say that they are “confused” by it. How can a news service like the AP, which seems to be everywhere, like oxygen, be made accountable for its outrages of this nature, which are as continual as they are unacceptable?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 13, 2009 09:23 PM | Send

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