Paul Craig Roberts

It’s a disgrace that the websites NewsMax and vdare regularly publish the insane rants of Paul Craig Roberts. NewsMax is a mainstream-conservative, patriotic website; vdare bills itself as a non-general interest website solely devoted to immigration restriction. Why do they taint their pages—and the conservative ideals they profess to believe in—with this poisonous fruitcake, whose hatred of and delusional conspiracy theories about President Bush surpass anything seen on the far left? Indeed Roberts’s statements are so extreme and irrational it’s hard to find descriptive language for them, though Ben Johnson at FrontPage Magazine wrote a useful article last week quoting many of his more insane and vicious statements. Then there’s his hatred of the neoconservatives, of whom he says: “They are a foreign import [translation: Jews] and do not share our American values. Neocons are a grave danger to the United States and to the world…. It is our duty to … oppose these evil people.”

Which distinctly reminds me of the giant posters at certain rallies held in Nuremberg and Munich in the 1930s:

Deutchen! Die Juden sind unser Unglück! Frauen und Mädchen! Die Juden sind euer Unglück!

The free rein the hate-monger Roberts enjoys at these websites suggests that the loss of reasoned restraints, the breakdown of minimal standards for public discourse in this country has not only affected the America-hating left and right, but has become general. I call on NewsMax and vdare to exercise some judgment and turn off this maniac.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 29, 2006 08:37 PM | Send

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