What liberals think of non-liberals

Gary Bauer writes in his End of Day Report:

How The Left Thinks—Or Not

The American Left has been apoplectic with rage lately as its radical agenda has stalled on Capitol Hill. As one might expect, their reactions are bizarre and disconnected from reality. Matthew Continetti, an associate editor of The Weekly Standard, did us a great favor by compiling some recent statements from prominent liberals that provide us a glimpse into the psyche of the Left. Let me warn you—it’s not pretty. Here are some excerpts of Continetti’s column:

  • Jacob Weisberg in Newsweek, the “biggest culprit” behind “our political paralysis” is the “childishness, ignorance, and growing incoherence of the public at large.”

  • “On many issues these days,” writes the Washington Post’s Steven Pearlstein, “the American people are badly confused.”

  • “The people may have spoken,” writes the New Yorker’s James Surowiecki. “It’s just not clear that they’re making any sense.”

  • In a blog post titled “Too Dumb to Thrive,” Time magazine’s Joe Klein cuts to the chase: “It is very difficult to thrive in an increasingly competitive world if you’re a nation of dodos.”

  • … says Kurt Andersen in New York magazine: “American democracy has gotten way too democratic.”

  • In 2008, in Hot, Flat, and Crowded, Thomas Friedman dreamed of America becoming “China for a day” so that he could impose his environmental agenda on a truculent populace. In a 2009 New York Times column, Friedman wrote that a dictatorship, “when it is led by a reasonably enlightened group of people, as China is today,” has “great advantages … ”

  • In the Atlantic Monthly, James Fallows writes that “whatever is wrong with today’s Communist leadership [in Beijing], it is widely seen as pulling the country nearer to its full potential rather than pushing it away.”

So, let’s summarize. Leading liberal opinion makers have high praise for communist China, but think Americans on Main Street are childish and ignorant, badly confused, illogical and “a nation of dodos” that is “way too democratic.” It’s that elitist mentality that led Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to call town hall protestors “un-American” and “evil-mongers.” It’s that mentality that allows Barack Obama to keep pushing a socialized medicine plan that the American people don’t want.

That’s how the Left thinks of you and me. But in 252 days, you’ll get the last word when you walk into the voting booth. Then America’s great Silent Majority can make its voice heard loud and clear by firing scores of liberal Democrats!

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