A report so extreme it’s probably false, but who knows?

Alissa writes:

The homosexual community has perverted the words “gay” and “partner.” They also stole the rainbow and are flying it at a U.S. military base. Shouldn’t only the American flag be flying at an American military base? Oops I forgot. The military has become politically correct and diverse.

LA replies:

It’s not even certain that the photograph is rea; it may well Photoshopped. Nothing seems to be known about this event yet, other than the photo itself, and that’s not enough to go on.

Alissa replies:

Good point. Still it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a real occurence with the ways thing are going.

LA replies:

It seems unlikely to me that the story is true. But it is possible. ANYTHING of a leftward direction, no matter how extreme, is possible. That seems to be the main characteristic of our time.:-)

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Jeanette V. writes:

Unfortunately it isn’t a hoax. Here is a story about it in the Daily Mail.

LA replies:

No, we do not know that it is not a hoax. The Daily Mail itself indicates that despite the controversy it has created, it is only a photo with no further information as to where and when it was taken. The Mail further says that it could be a fake photo.

Jeanette replies:

The impression I got from the homosexual site was this flag was raised by a single person on base, not an official act of the US government. A Nicole Jodice on facebook said her husband flew the flag. Of course that maybe a lie as well.

LA replies:

If true, it was an unofficial, against-the-rules act, having no significance in itself. There are so many horrible things that the government is now officially doing, let us not waste our energy and indignation reacting to unauthorized acts of individuals.

Buck writes:

Even if this is real, why would anything like it be a big deal? The Marine Corps is currently arguing over whether or not to dismiss an insubordinate sergeant who is ridiculing his own Commander-in-Chief. Stein is a U.S. Marine who thinks he should have first amendment rights. Is he nuts? Is the whole military command structure gone nuts? One of the first things a Marine gives up is his right to speak freely. Kick the him out on his a**. Gay rights, free speech—what’s next, claims of discrimination by rank?

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