Proof of bin Laden’s death

I see people on the Web saying that there is no proof that bin Laden was killed, no photograph. In fact, today’s New York Post had a photograph of a very dead looking bin Laden, with his face and eyes all messed up with what look like bullet wounds. But I haven’t been able to find the photo at the Post’s website.

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Kathlene M. writes:

Those NY Post “dead Osama” photos you mentioned were quite likely the fake ones that have been circulating the internet for two years. Here’s corroboration from the Guardian that the photos were fake. Some online media fell for the ruse and briefly published them, only to remove them quickly.

Kathlene continues:
Here’s more on those fake Osama death photos from the Washington Post. The White House is debating whether the actual photos of bin Laden’s corpse should be released:

Meanwhile, the Obama administration says it has actual photographs of bin Laden’s corpse, but that officials are debating what to do with them, ABC News reports.

The White House would like to release the photos to placate the skeptics who doubt his death, but worry the images are too gruesome, as bin Laden has a massive head wound above his left eye, and his brains and blood are visible.

What do you think? Should the White House release the photos of bin Laden?

LA replies:

Doesn’t it have to?

John Hagan writes:

The photo you saw was most likely this fake. The government has yet to release a death photo.

Kathlene writes:

Does the White House have an obligation to release bin Laden’s corpse photos? If so, then what are they waiting for? And if there’s no obligation, the White House needs to prove to skeptics that bin Laden is dead. If the photos are too gruesome, why can’t they just blur out the wounds so we don’t see the brains/blood?

Kathlene writes:

Sorry, I meant Osama’s corpse [in an unposted e-mail]. I’m not the only one who has done this osama-obama mistake today. Rush Limbaugh did the same today by accident. And I noticed many commenters doing the same accidentally on various blogs.

Paul K. writes:

Is it too early to demand a copy of the long-form death certificate?

LA replies:

Wise guy.

Ferg writes:

Bad news, Bin Laden has just been sighted in a car with Elvis outside a 7-11 in L.A.

LA replies:
Another wise guy.

Ferg replies:

Sorry, the devil made me do it. :-)

Kathlene writes:

Actually, Osama and Elvis were spotted in Las Vegas.


Kathlene writes:

Sens. Joseph Lieberman and Susan Collins today encouraged the White House to release the photos of bin Laden’s body:

“There is a problem that unless there is an acknowledgement by the people in al Qaeda that bin Laden is dead it may be necessary to release the pictures, as gruesome as they may be, to quell any doubts that this is a ruse the American government has carried out,” Lieberman said.

The Senate duo emphasized that there was no doubt in their minds that the man killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan was, in fact, Osama bin Laden. Collins justified the potential release of these “gruesome” photos by saying “I recognize that there will be those that try to generate this myth that he’s alive and that we missed him somehow.”

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