Americans to Iraq, Iraqis to America: makes complete sense!

It used to be that America’s complementary policies of “invade the world” and “invite the world,” though they were going on simultaneously, took place in different “rooms” of our national consciousness, as it were, and most people didn’t associate them with each other or think they were causally related. But now the two policies have moved so close to each other that people can’t help but see their relationship and be troubled. Thus an L-dotter writes:

Not many voters in the USA are going to understand why the Administration should see sending many thousands of American troops into harms way in Iraq and at the same time be allowing thousands of Iraqis to enter the USA as “refugees” from Iraq. That just does not make sense.

Yes, this really does start to seem strange, doesn’t it? Our conscience explodes at the thought that the very country we’re supposed to be saving has become so deadly that its people must leave it and become homeless refugees whom we must take in. How long will the American people be willing to endure this contradiction?

However, from another angle, it’s not strange at all. Haven’t the president and his men said a thousand times that we’re “fighting the terrorists over there in order to avoid fighting them here”—in other words, that we have deliberately turned the nation of Iraq into a charnel house for our own self-defense? And since it’s become a charnel house, its people naturally want to leave it, right? So the simultaneous arrival of U.S. troops in Iraq and mass departure of Iraqis for America makes complete sense. In fact, the war was designed and destined from the start to turn out this way, though none of the designers acknowledged this, even to themselves.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at February 17, 2007 12:12 AM | Send

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