Sarkozy: the Mark Steyn of French politics

In a recent interview, French pro-nationalist politician Phillippe de Villiers said:

I had an in depth discussion with [President Sarkozy] at Elysee at the end of last year. He said to me: “You have intuition, I have the figures. And your intuition is confirmed by my figures. The Islamization of Europe is inevitable.” [More on this by Tiberge at Galliawatch.]

Nothing surprising here—except for those terminally naive American “conservatives” who have believed the transparently false propaganda line that Sarkozy is a conservative and an opponent of Islamization. See Tiberge’s excellent article, written for VFR in October 2007, laying out Sarkozy’s pro-Islamization, anti-French policies.

If you are wondering about the title of this entry, it is referencing the fact that both Sarkozy and Steyn have reputations as conservatives opposed to Islamization, whereas in reality they both accept the inevitability of the Islamization of Europe and even support that prospect. If you don’t believe me, see this and this (along with my other articles on Steyn which are collected here.) Also see VFR reader Alex K.’s superb article, “The establishment conservatives’ indifference to the looming EU superstate,” in which he explains why the neocons brainlessly follow Steyn’s superficial and evasive pronouncements on the EU and Islam.

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