The argument that we can’t copy Israel’s airport security methods

Alexis Zarkov writes:

On a Fox News discussion panel this morning William Kristol said that we can’t use Israeli methods for airport security. First he said that American air traffic is 500 times that of Israel. The moderator corrected him saying it’s 60. No matter—we still can’t because our traffic is so much larger. He’s telling us that the Israeli system can’t scale. In other words, we can’t make 60 replicas of the system at Ben Gurion Airport even though our GDP is 68 times that of Israel. How can this man spout such nonsense?

I turned off Fox News. I’m temped to junk my television, but I use it to watch old movies.

Of course we know the real reason we don’t copy Israel has to do with race and intelligence.

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David M. writes:

Mr. Zarkov writes: “I turned off Fox News. I’m temped to junk my television, but I use it to watch old movies.”

Were it not for NetFlix I’d likely not own a television set. My set is about three years old, and it has probably not been used for more than one hour of broadcast reception; I refuse to subscribe for cable. You’re not alone.

As for Fox, it ceased being relevant long ago. When the Anna Nichole disappearance was The Story of the Day, it was just about all Fox covered. Then, when Michael Jackson passed away, you’d have thought the Savior himself had passed. From there on forward, Fox devolved into featurettes and the smarmy “T&A” commonly found in British newspapers. The Saudis buying in has done nothing to improve matters at Fox.

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