“Climate changes are proven fact,” writes climate professor

John Hagan writes:

MIT professor Kerry Emanuel gets schooled in the comments section by readers. These readers are by and large not scientists, but just average citizens who have a basic understanding of science, common sense, and an obvious nose for B.S.

LA replies:

The Emanuel article is a classic example of how an orthodoxy is defended after it has ceased to be tenable. Repeatedly, Emanuel (who notwithstanding his first name Kerry is a man, see his page at MIT) admits all kinds of uncertainties in the warming data, and even warns against “apocalyptic” climate scenarios; then, notwithstanding all his caveats, he turns around and re-asserts the truth of global warming and says we all must accept it. Other than mentioning the “hacked” e-mails at the Climate Research Unit, he doesn’t deal at all with the actual information that has been coming out that challenges the warming thesis.

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