Six blacks plan and carry out murder of delivery driver, then take the food home to eat

Eric G. writes:

To go along with your recent post about the dangers delivery drivers face: Five blacks ambush and murder a 60 year old Chinese deliveryman in Wilmington, North Carolina, then take the food from his dead body and go share it with friends.

Manije Daneek Johnson-Martin, Marvin Lee White, Rasheed Ramone
Thompson and Cornell Dwayne Haugabook Jr. were charged
in connection with the shooting death of Zhen Bo Liu.

Off the top of my head we’ve had about four or five such murders in my town over the last few years. Every case has been young black males between 13 and 18. I don’t believe I have ever seen a case where the perps are anything other than young black males. I believe that this is a form of “practice” for young blacks entering a life of crime and a way to gain criminal “cred.” They don’t have to go looking for a victim, there is little risk of the victim fighting back as most employers forbid weapons and they can easily lure the delivery victim away from witnesses. Recent immigrants seem to be especially vulnerable to black ambush attacks like this one as they aren’t educated as to the very dangerous nature of blacks.

LA replies:

My brain circuits are askew from reading this story. They planned and carried out a murder, just to get some delivery food? Has a first degree murder ever been done for such a trivial purpose?

But I guess you’ve explained it. The murder was not for itself. It was to make their bones.

Eric G. replies:

It might as well be an entirely different species. There is no way to understand how they think. I don’t believe the average white person has any idea what monsters have been created due to the money for babies / Section 8 scheme the government created.

LA replies:

And there is NO PUBLIC DISCUSSION about the threat of feral homicidal blacks in our society. As I recall, a few decades ago this extraordinary black violence was discussed. It was acknowledged as a major social problem. But now it’s disappeared, following the leftist-egalitarian dynamic of Auster’s First Law which says that the worse minority behavior becomes, the more it must be covered up. America has given birth to the most savage, primitive, predatory, dangerous human beings that have ever walked the face of the earth, and the phenomenon might as well not exist. It has no public reality beyond each non-judgmental, race-less, and affectless local news story in which, at best, the race of the perpetrators is only indicated wordlessly in photographs, not in the text, and the crime is treated as a one-time event, not as part of a continuing pattern.

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June 23

Irv P. (whose career was as a teacher in all-black public high schools in Queens) writes:

Look at those four faces closely. That is what I’m detoxing from—33 years of those faces all day, everyday. The horror, the horror.

LA replies:

Those four faces, individually and together, are among the worst I’ve seen. You can’t mean that the black pupils in your high school classes looked like that.

Irv replies:

That’s exactly what I mean. Not all of them, but many.

LA replies:


LA continues:

Irv has told me amazing and gripping stories about his experiences as a teacher. I’m hoping that some day he writes about it at length—if he can do so without setting back his detoxification program.

More than anyone I know, Irv understands—if I may say so, he understands it not just with his brain, but with every cell in his body—the inhuman injustice of making white teachers responsible for the education of ineducable blacks, so that every failure of the blacks to be educated is blamed on the white teachers (who therefore are required to try harder, and harder, and harder), rather than on the simple fact that the blacks are ineducable.

Ed H. writes:

Irv’s comments on being a teacher in an all-black school had a unique effect on me. Twenty years ago, while in college, I taught as a substitute teacher in Los Angeles Unified School District. It was a part time job that I had mostly forgotten. The photos, and Irv’s comment about facing classrooms full of feral blacks, brought that experience back home with an almost physical force. Like a punch in the solar plexus … oooof. Your comment was astute. It is simply torture to put an idealistic white person in such an environment. The teacher is blamed for the failings and he tries harder and harder, being tortured by guilt, and his own false ideals. The liberal/leftist establishment exploits such idealism ruthlessly. Like Boxer the Workhorse in Animal Farm, the white idealist dies standing up in the traces repeating “I must work harder!” over and over. Poor Irv. He needs to be sent to an resort with Swedish girls to wait on him hand and foot until his mind and body are healthy again.

LA replies:

You wrote:

It is simply torture to put an idealistic white person in such an environment. The teacher is blamed for the failings and he tries harder and harder, being tortured by guilt, and his own false ideals. The liberal/leftist establishment exploits such idealism ruthlessly.

Irv has made exactly the same points to me in conversation. And he didn’t live that torture for a few months as a college student / substitute teacher. He lived it for 33 years as a high school teacher, amid other teachers who were suffering from the same situation. As he explained to me, when he saw idealistic young teachers torturing themselves over their pupils’ inability to learn, he would privately tell them, in the strongest terms possible, “IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.”

David A. writes:

Apropos your words about crimes by “the most savage, primitive, predatory, dangerous human beings”:

How about some examples from the archives:

1958: “They are afraid to say so in public, but many of the North’s big-city mayors groan in private that their biggest and most worrisome problem is the crime rate among Negroes.” [Time magazine, April 21, 1958]

1961, Newark , New Jersey: “Several hundred Negro youths attacked a handful of police … when officers tried to stop a fight in a schoolyard.” [Kent Steffgen, The Bondage of The Free, Vanguard Books, 1966, p. 202]

1964, New York City : In “a weekend of savagery, marauding groups of Negro youths terrorized whites on four subway trains and a ferry boat. White persons were beaten, robbed, and knifed…. [C]rimes of violence by Negroes have been increasing … A Negro suspect was sought in the murder” of a white school teacher. Four young Negroes raced through a subway train, “knocking down white passengers and smashing windows.” A gang of 30 youths “assaulted white passengers, wrecked seats, and broke light bulbs” on a train at Coney Island. On a ferry boat, “20 young Negroes ran wild, shouting obscenities at white passengers, wrecking a refreshment stand and robbing the woman concessionaire … ” [“New York City in Trouble—Another Chapter”, U.S. News & World Report, June 15, 1964, pp. 43-45]

When a New York City policeman shot a large Negro who lunged at him with a knife, “thousands of Harlem Negroes swarmed out of their homes through the streets, robbing stores, throwing bricks, bottles, and gas bombs, pillaging and attacking bystanders in a bloody full-scale riot … ” [The Bondage of The Free, p. 219]

1964, Rochester, New York: In response to the arrest of a lone, drunk, and disorderly Negro, “a horde of 4000 Negroes tore through 50 downtown city blocks … on a trail of terrorization, robbery, destruction, and personal assault which required the National Guard to restore order. Four white men were killed, over 350 persons were injured (including 35 police officers) … ” [The Bondage of The Free, p. 220]

1964, Washington , D.C. : Thirty-six boys and girls from Maine visiting the Capital “were stoned, manhandled, and jeered by a mob of Negro boys … A 17-year-old girl who fell while trying to escape … was raped by 10 Negro boys. A pack of 25 beat and robbed two women they had come upon in a stalled car … ” [The Bondage of The Free, pp. 220-21]

1965, Philadelphia : Eight Negroes “attacked a 16-year-old white girl on a subway platform and dragged her screaming and fighting down the tracks to rape her. A 23-year-old naval reservist in uniform rushed to help her, was robbed and badly beaten … ” [The Bondage of The Free, p. 221]

1965, New York City : A “gang of Negroes attacked three girls on a New York subway train, hauled them to the floor and tried to rape them. A white boy rushing in to help her was stabbed to death on the scene … ” [The Bondage of The Free, p. 220]

1965, Los Angeles : Irate colored mobs took part gleefully in the Watts riot. “Police told … of a colored youth who had kicked a fallen white motorist in the head so severely on recurrent attacks that by the time he could be driven off, he was slipping from the blood on his shoe … ” [The Bondage of The Free, p. 283]

1969, Michigan : “Forty young Negroes invaded an art show and ran around breaking glass, smashing pottery and sculpture, and ripping paintings from their frames. In one room … every single item was destroyed. Police suspect the rampagers were members of the Flint Junior College Black Student Union … ” [National Review, May 20, 1969, p. 470]

My father and my uncles knew there were good reasons for segregation—because they were wise.

American white men today do not know it and refuse to learn it—because they are stupid, soft, and thoroughly feminized. They will learn nothing from these examples of Negro savagery or ten thousand others like them. A handful of decent, principled Negro men and women like Elizabeth Wright, Walter Williams, and Thomas Sowell will not make the least difference in restoring moral standards to our culture in the face of the decadent “black (anti)culture” that radical leftists helped to create and do everything in their power to promote.

Thomas Jefferson was right in saying that two incompatible races cannot live in the same nation. And you are equally right in saying that the America in which you and I were born (in the same year) does not exist and has not existed for quite some time. It is dead and gone. Truer words could not be spoken.

LA replies:

While these incidents are worth referencing, I would say that they are not the most apropos, because they all come from one particular period of extraordinary race riots between 1964 and 1969, beginning immediately after the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Therefore they are not necessarily representative of a norm of Negro behavior.

Mark Jaws writes:

I wonder what percentage of Irv P’s black students contained that spark of ability and thirst for knowledge so prevalent in many whites and Asians. Five percent? Ten percent? I have no idea how he could have endured such torture for so many years. Back in 1974 and 1975 I had two cabin loads of all-black, Bedford-Stuyvesant kids at Wel-Met Summer Camp (same camp which Howard Stern attended) for just three weeks, and I found that unbearable. Evidently, so did most of the all-white, 95 percent Jewish staff. Two thirds of them quit before the three weeks were over.

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