Bimbo the magic mother is also a major liar

Remember our friend Bimbo Abeyalabola of Nigeria, who came on a visitor’s visa to Britain expressly in order to give birth to her quintuplets, which cost the state £200,000, and now is appealing to the government to let her stay in Britain because it would be a hardship for her to return to Nigeria?

She had claimed to be single and almost penniless.

She had told an interviewer, “If I go back [to Nigeria] I’ll be on my own without even a roof over my head.”

Guess what? It turns out she’s married to a well-to-do Nigerian businessman.

But heck, why should that make any difference in the determination of Bimbo’s plea to remain in Britain? What, shall the British be racists?

Or shall Britain bar all health tourists, who currently cost the country £35 million in free health care annually? Since probably 95 percent of health tourists are nonwhite, if health tourism were barred, nonwhites would be disproportionately harmed. What, shall the British be racists?

By the way, does Bimbo from Nigeria with her lies remind you of a certain hotel maid, Nafissatou Diallo from Guinea, with her lies? And what about Amadou Diallo from Guinea, who also told mammoth lies to get political asylum in America, falsely claiming that his parents had been murdered? It appears that Africans will say anything—they will claim to have been gang-raped, they will claim their husband was murdered by the government, they will claim their parents were killed—to get into the West and access its free benefits.

And if Amadou Diallo had not entered America in such a sneaky and despicable way, would he have been so nervous and acted so suspiciously and threateningly when police tried to ask him questions that fatal night in the Bronx in 1999, leading the police to shoot him?

But what shall we do—bar and expel people who have told major lies to get themselves admitted into our country? If we did that, it would disproportionately harm black people. What, are we racists?

* * *

Here is the background on Amadou Diallo’s lies:

*His Lawyer Says Diallo Lied on Request for Political Asylum


Published: March 17, 1999

Amadou Diallo, the Guinean immigrant who was killed in a fusillade of police bullets last month, had applied for and received political asylum under false pretenses, one of his family’s lawyers said last night.

The lawyer, Kyle B. Watters, said Mr. Diallo had claimed to be from Mauritania on his application for asylum, and had said his parents were killed in fighting there. The application had been approved last year by an immigration judge, Mr. Watters said, but the Immigration and Naturalization Service was appealing the decision.

Family members, friends and lawyers have said previously that Mr. Diallo had a three-year work or study visa that was to expire next month. Apparently, Mr. Diallo applied for asylum because he ”was seeking to stay here on a long-term basis,” Mr. Watters said.

”He said he was from Mauritania and his parents had been killed in fighting to buttress his claim that he had credible fear of going back to his country,” Mr. Watters said.

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