Black teen uses fashion accessory to murder her rival

The Daily Mail reports:

The sixteen-year-old teenager who murdered policeman’s daughter by stabbing her through the skull with a hair comb

* Rebecca Douglas was 15 when she plunged the steel prong into the left temple of Julie Sheriff during a petty row in the street in Battersea, south London

* The victim collapsed and fell into a coma which lasted until her death five months later

* Douglas, who had been sleeping rough at friends’ houses, was ordered to serve a minimum of 10 years after being convicted of murder last month

* Judge warned parents to be aware of the dangers to young girls wearing such combs as ‘fashion accessories’

* He said she killed Julie in ‘hate-filled fury’ after the girls argued in the street about mobile phone messages

The story, with photos of the killer and victim, is worth reading.

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Susan G. writes:

The U.S. media would never include photos of the perps and victims, since they were under 18. (They generally omit photos of even olders ones, especially when the perps are black.)

I can’t wait for the calls for “comb control.”

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