Conservatives’ endless escapist dependence on polls to assure them that the left hasn’t won

The Daily Caller reports:

A new Gallup poll shows that 54 percent of Americans think it is not the federal government’s responsibility to ensure all citizens have health care coverage.

This would be like a story coming out of the USSR in 1925:

A new Gallupovitch poll shows that 54 percent of Russians don’t believe in Communism.

What difference would it have made if 54 percent of Russians in 1925 didn’t believe in Communism? They were under its lawless tyrannical power and could do nothing about it.

We also live under a lawless tyrannical regime and, so long as we remain under its dictats, can do nothing about it. Of course I am not equating Soviet tyranny with the tyranny of liberalism, but the latter is a tyranny nevertheless. John Roberts’s Obamacare decision, giving the Congress an unlimited power over every person in this country, and the sealing of that decision by Obama’s re-election, has decisively changed the nature of the United States. Conservatives don’t want to face these horrible facts, because it would mean that the time for conventional, bi-partisan politics has ended. So they pretend that America is still the same, that all that’s happened is that we’ve lost an election, and that we can still win the next election, so everything is basically ok. This fantasy not only prevents conservatives from seeing the leftist revolution that has occurred, but makes them its accomplices. Mainstream conservative politics must henceforth be a massive exercise in reality-denial and tacit endorsement of the leftist revolution.

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Paul K. writes:

An example of conservative escapism can be seen in today’s headline at Drudge,


Excitement about what you frequently satirized as Obama’s endless free fall in the polls made some sense before the 2012 election in that it gave conservatives hope that he wouldn’t be reelected. But what difference can such polls make now? Also, we were then talking about a “free fall” that dropped as low as 43 percent, sometimes even to 41 percent, whereas now Drudge is crowing about a post-election drop in Obama’s approval rating from 51 percent to 49 percent. Could anything be more pathetic than this pointless score-keeping?

Randy writes:

I was listening to the Limbaugh probem last week (20 minutes during lunch is about all I can take) and a guest host (Mark somebody) was speaking. He stated that Romney got 59 percent of the white vote and that it was the lopsided vote from the Mexicans and blacks that got Obama elected. So, just take a wild guess as to what he suggested was the solution to this “problem.” Yes, that’s right, the guest host for the premier American conservative talk show host, says we have to “reach out” to the Hispanic and black voters. We (I guess the conservative Limbaugh audience) have to acknowledge the facts and make the necessary adjustments. So, sure, we have to tell the Mexicans we fully support their proclaimed goals to reconquer the Southwest for Mexico and “La Raza” and impose the culture on the rest. Once that is accomplished, they will be free to confiscate the wealth (from the white SAPS) that they are incapable of producing themselves.

Who cares what any poll says at any time? The left will always have the Third-World, stupid-white, and leftist votes to win elections. And they will do it with the full support of the “moderate” conservatives.

I guess you heard Obama and Mitt are going to meet. Isn’t that nice. The Morman business man meets with the pro-Marxist, pro-Muslim community organizer. They can both sit with their feet on the White House desk for the cameras. Maybe they will issue a joint statement telling Congress to stop the partisan bickering and just do what Hussein tells them so we can “move forward.”

Hopefully, the Rush audience will see that clown banned from the show.

Bill Carpenter writes:

The Republican establishment and business and opinion elites want to get back to business as usual, believing that business as usual can continue despite another turn of the socialist screw. Many ordinary people, by contrast, see that our dependence on borrowing to support our welfare and warfare state, in a world where we have to compete globally with other strong economies, require a retraction of our socialist and military commitments, not an expansion of them. They look on with disbelief and disgust at where the political parties and opinion leaders are leading us.

I think we’ve been here before. Do you remember from childhood the occasional comment for your elders that evidenced the existence of a lasting, white-hot, but possibly throttled or inarticulate hatred of Franklin Roosevelt? In retrospect I surmise that hatred arose from the way he and his allies changed our federal republic into a centralized quasi-socialist bureaucratic empire. Past generations of Americans knew who the enemies were: the socialists, communists, and sympathizers who were committed to the complete transformation of American self-reliance into bureaucratic management. FDR symbolized that transformation, and some of our people never forgot it. Most of us forgot, though, growing up to think of Roosevelt as the leader who won the Second World War, with Churchill and Stalin, and who more or less helped us survive the Great Depression, creating new federal agencies that help manage our economy efficiently and fostering the “necessary” federal safety net.

Now that we are getting to the end of the line of the federally managed nation, it is time to remember how much our fathers and mothers hated it when it was imposed on them in the first place. The Republican House needs to commit itself to restoring constitutional government, as the Tea Party advocates. We will see how near it is to doing that, or how far it is from that, by how the fiscal cliff negotiation turns out.

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