Why obviously fake hate crimes must always be treated seriously, no matter how many such hoaxes have been exposed in the past

In the entry, “Lesbians charged with faking hate crime,” Roland D. writes:

Is it just me, or do pretty much all of these fake “hate crimes” involve nooses?

It seems that the rule of thumb should be that if a noose is involved, it’s definitely staged (quite apart from the fact that “hate crimes” shouldn’t be a category criminal offenses in the first place).

To which I replied:

Yes, logic would lead to such a rule of thumb. But we are not dealing here with logic. The noose, having been used by the Ku Klux Klan to spread fear, is the ultimate symbol of the discrimination, intolerance, and hatred which it is the mission of liberalism to eliminate. So when a noose, or a miniature noose, or a picture of a noose is left at the residence of a member of a protected minority, and the community expresses intense collective alarm and horror at this, they are engaged in a ritual reenactment of the sacred meaning of liberal society. Therefore if the authorities, as soon as such a “crime” was reported, immediately indicated their suspicions that it was a hoax, they would be violating this liberal sacrament. It’s okay if, after a lengthy investigation (in this case lasting eight months), they determine that it is a hoax. But openly to suspect right from the start that it is a hoax would be to defecate on the altar of liberalism.

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