How homosexual “marriage” is anti-human

Laura Wood writes:

A person deliberately deprived of a father (or a mother) through homosexual “marriage” or artificial reproduction is like Hamlet—a man surrounded by a smiling villainy that says nothing is amiss. But the orphan knows something is wrong.

Laura then quotes a speech from Hamlet to back up her point that “No one can obliterate the desire to know one’s father. It is written on the table and records of a person’s mind.”

Our mother cares for us and protects us and provides our needs. But it is through our father that we know that existence has structure and meaning. And the ultimate father, the ultimate source of structure and meaning, is God. Liberalism, via its most radical expression which is homosexual “marriage” and the artificial reproduction that frequently accompanies it, is a rebellion, in the name of unlimited personal choice, against the structure and meaning of existence. In order to make some human beings (namely homosexuals) “free,” it turns innocent children into disconnected particles of dust.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 06, 2012 12:45 AM | Send

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