Another step downward for our culture

The U.S. Postal Service has announced that for the first time, living persons can be featured on postage stamps.

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Sophia A. writes:

How much money do you want to bet that the first living person on a U.S. Postal Service stamp will be black?

LA replies:

A thousand dollars!

Sophia replies:

OK, but only if the dollars are virtual.

I’m not going to bet you any real dollars, but I strongly suspect that the first living person to be on a stamp will be (a) black, and/or (b) a woman…. (go down the checklist).

LA replies:

I wasn’t proposing to bet you. I was saying I would be willing to vote a thousand dollars that the first person on such a stamp will be black.

Gintas writes:

Who will it be? Here are a number of ready-made images.

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