Contra the T-shirt ads

I suspect there is a silent majority of conservatives whose feelings are represented more or less by this female reader:

Mr. Auster, you have just made my day. Thanks so much for writing about those &$£*!@ “conservative” t-shirt ads. Whenever I follow one of your links to FrontPage, one of those ads pops up and I think, “What a sleazy publication,” and then I go away and find something else to read.

How can anyone who thinks it’s OK to display pictures of slutty women call himself conservative? I never read anything by Ann Coulter anymore because I was so put off by comments she made about how you can spot liberal women by their lack of make up and billowy clothing, whereas conservative women are all hot babes in short skirts and makeup. Does she think someone along the lines of, say, Edmund Burke would really dig her short skirts?

I’m really sick of having to share the “conservative” label with these atheist libertarians.

Anyway, thanks!

While we may have no choice about sharing the conservative label with atheist or non-atheist libertarians, we do have a choice not to go on passively accepting these offensive ads on so many conservative sites. If a significant number of people wrote e-mails to the editors of conservative websites demanding that the ads be removed, we might get somewhere.

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