European Jewish Congress condemns success of anti-Islamization parties

Gintas writes:

The Jewish Congress, in Paris, objects to rightist (“far-right”) gains, and feeds the hysteria machine. Heck, it’s not just Jews, everyone in the EUSSR ruling elite is alarmed, and it’s a good thing. I hope they do something desperate. It’s an AP article, here’s the whole thing.

European Jewish group alarmed by far-right gains

BRUSSELS (AP)—Jewish groups across Europe reacted to far-right gains in the European parliamentary elections by urging the EU on Tuesday to do more to tackle racism and intolerance.

The European Jewish Congress, which represents Jewish communities across Europe, said winning seats in the European Parliament based on “racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic platforms” pointed to an erosion of tolerance.

Results of voting for a new European Union assembly showed that far-right parties in the Netherlands, Britain, Austria, Hungary, Denmark and Romania posted significant victories.

In a statement, the Paris-based Jewish Congress called that a “clarion call” for the EU to tackle racism and intolerance through legislation and dialogue.

“Europeans of all backgrounds, ethnicities and religions are looking to our elected officials to unite, rather than divide us,” it said.

The congress also said the victory of groups using racist and xenophobic platforms “belies a disturbing acquiescence of government to this type of incitement and a need for immediate action and education.”

It said it was troubled by the fact that far-right forces did better than in the last EU assembly elections in 2004 and that they were scattered across the 27-nation EU.

“The success of such rabid groups as The Freedom Party in the Netherlands, the Freedom Party in Austria, the Danish People’s Party, the British National Party, and Jobbik in Hungary, among others, will sadly only serve to embolden those who espouse the dangerous concepts of extreme nationalism, racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia,” the congress said.

It urged the European Parliament and the European Commission, the EU executive, to work for effective anti-racism legislation.

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LA writes:

What are these Jews actually upset about? Ok, we understand that the BNP has a history as a seriously anti-Semitic party, and we can’t expect organized Jewry to be aware of or to acknowledge how profoundly the BNP has changed. But still, is it not passing strange that the Jewish organizations do NOT raise a clarion call against the entire leftist establishment of Europe, which is deeply anti-Israel and pro the Muslims who seek the destruction of Israel and Jews, while they DO raise a clarion call against those groups seeking to save Europe—and the Jews—from the Islamic tide?

And in what way would the success of the Freedom Party of the Netherlands, led by Geert Wilders, a liberal who has zero anti-Semitic record or associations and is an outspoken supporter of Israel and has many Jewish supporters in the U.S., “only serve to embolden those who espouse the dangerous concepts of … anti-Semitism”? Since Wilders has zero anti-Semitic indicators, period, the Jews’ condemntion of him and his party as extreme and dangerous can only mean that they regard opposition to the Islamization of Europe as extreme and dangerous.

Also, don’t these Jews recognize that real anti-Semites always support Islam, because Islam is the most anti-Jewish force in the world? No, they don’t recognize that. These Jewish fools, these schlemiels, these shmendriks, these schmegeggies, think that the Jews are most threatened by people who oppose the takeover of Europe by a religion which commands the extermination of all Jews.

If, when it comes down to Islam versus Europe, Islam versus the West, organized Jewry sides with Islam, it will deserve the condemnation of history.

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Ron L. writes:

Organized Jewry is comprised of a sounding-room of self important liberal HofJuden (“Court Jews”) who have become the “Useful Jews” of the left.* At best, they are fools who cannot understand that it is not 1890 or 1931 in terms of European Nationalism. At worst, and often in reality, they are reverse Marranos for socialism.** They pretend to be Jewish but are orthodox leftists.

* The term “Useful Jew” is a very nasty derogatory term for those Jews who worked for anti-Jewish regimes, providing the regimes with a fig leaf while they carried out anti-Jewish policies.

** Marrano (literally “pig”) was a term for crypto-Jews who pretended to be Catholic while actually being Jewish or maintaining some tradition. Ironically, these new pigs support the PC Inquisition.

LA writes:

Here’s a joke I just came across on the Web which somehow seems relevant to this discussion.

The Cruise

Maxie Greenbaum was 87 years old, God bless him, and the Catskills were the farthest he ever traveled since he landed in this country 70 years ago. One day he decided that before he dropped dead, he should live a little. He decides he’s going to take a vacation.

He takes out his bankbook and he sees he’s got only $58.62. Oi! Not even enough for the mountains, even, but, Maxie sits down to read the travel section of the Daily News, because you just never know. Sure enough, a small ad says “Cruise to the Caribbean: Special Today. Just $58.62! Hurry. Space limited.”

Well, Maxie is thrilled. He calls up the travel agent and finds out there’s just one more place left and the boat is leaving in a half an hour. So, Maxie throws a few pairs of Bermuda shorts, his swimming trunks, some nose cream, sandals and socks into a valise and runs down to the travel agent’s office.

When he gets there, the agent tells him. “You’re just in time. The boat leaves any minute!” He takes Maxie by cab down to the dock. The taxi pulls up to the pier and a gigantic, bare-chested man with big muscles grabs Maxie out of the cab, throws his suitcase into the water, drags him down to the bottom of the ship, locks him up in chains, shoves a pair of oars into his hands, cracks a long, leather bullwhip at him and screams in his face, “Row! Row! Row!”

For seven days and seven nights, Maxie rows. Every time he slows down even a little, the man whips him. He doesn’t even let Maxie sleep! On the eighth day, the ship pulls back into New York harbor. The man unchains Maxie and throws him out onto the dock where the travel agent is waiting for him.

“So, Mr. Greenbaum,” he says, “how did you like your cruise?”

“I’ll tell you…it wasn’t bad, but you know, I’ve never been on a cruise before and I want to ask you… How much I should tip the whipper?”

David B. writes:

Since “tolerance” is what we are supposed to need more of, how about some tolerance for our point of view?

Bill Carpenter writes:

Because of liberalism, Jews are their own worst enemies. Thankfully, official Jewry is more visibly represented by the Netanyahu government and Minister Lieberman than by various leftist and liberal congresses.

Jeremy G. writes:

No surprise here. Take a look here as European Jews press for legislation to harm nascent European nationalists:

Jewish groups across Europe react to rise of nationalists in the European elections by calling for more effective “anti-racism legislation.” We should interpret this as a call for further suppression of free speech and possibly even imprisonment of nationalist leadership. This is a very serious threat as Geert Wilders (who is very pro-Jewish and pro-Israel yet is strongly attacked by these Jewish groups anyway) is actually going on trial for his important work against the Islamification of the Netherlands. It’s the same story in the U.S. 80 percent of Jews voted for Obama and have been financing the leftward march of the U.S. for decades. It seems that, once again, since the communist revolution in Russia, the West has a serious Jewish problem … and I notice this as a Jew with Jewish children.

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