Whither Steele?

The other day, reader Roger G. worried in an e-mail that if the GOP did very well in the elections, the worthless GOP chairman Michael Steele would get the credit for it. I replied succinctly that Steele wouldn’t get [expletive deleted]. Jim said, “From your mouth to God’s ears.”

Well, it looks like from my mouth to at least Haley Barbour’s ears. Ben Smith writes at Politico:

Barbour leans into Steele ouster

Haley Barbour gives the first in what’s likely to be a series of not-so-gentle shoves to RNC Chairman Michael Steele:

Well that’s up to the Committee, and I will say that this time the RNC was not able to do what they’ve often done in the past, and the Governor’s Association, the Senate and House Campaign Committees, and others had to scramble around and increase their gathering of resources beyond what normally would’ve been the case because the RNC was not able to do what it had done in the past.

- end of initial entry -

Roger G. writes:

Of course I was wrong and you were right.

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