Another form of affirmative action for Muslims

Regarding the election last evening of Rima Fakih as Miss USA, Daniel Pipes says that the frequency of Muslims winning beauty contests makes him suspect affirmative action. He cites several examples of recent Muslim beauty queens, all of whom I would describe as moderately attractive at best (though Pipes politely says they are “all attractive”), but then he finds an example that unambiguously, and laughably, proves his point. Meet Miss A&T at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University:


Based on Auster’s First Law of Majority-Minority Relations in Liberal Society, which says that the worse a non-Western group behaves, the more we favor them, can we expect that, just as the three recent Muslim terrorist attempts on America (one of which was successful) have been immediately followed by the selection of a Muslim as Miss USA, if a much larger, 9/11-scale attack occurs, it will be immediately followed by the selection of a Muslim as Miss America?

Note: a reader points out that North Carolina A&T is an all-black (or rather mostly black) school. That doesn’t change the fact of (in this case black) affirmative action in behalf of a beauty “contestant” in absurdly alien garb, with the top of her head completely covered. What’s next—a beauty queen with her face completely covered?

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Tim W. writes:

There was another interesting occurrence during the Miss USA pageant. One of the judges was Latino actor Oscar Nunez, from the sitcom “The Office.” He asked Miss Oklahoma what she thought of the new Arizona immigration law. Before he even finished the question, the live audience began booing him. They rightly viewed this as yet another attempt by a judge with a liberal agenda to sandbag a blonde white girl, so people are starting to wake up to the liberals’ game. Miss Oklahoma responded in favor of the law, and was voted first runner up. I don’t think it cost her the title, though, because the fix was surely already in to select the first Muslim Miss USA.

Your reference to beauty queens with their faces covered reminds me of a funny scene in the film “An American Carol.” Two Muslims see a sexy girl and one of them says, “I’ll bet she’d look hot in a burka!”

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