Once people turned old—now they turn into teenaged comic book characters

LA to correspondent:

Look at the 77 year old Joan Rivers: she looks like Veronica in Archie comics.


Correspondent replies:

I don’t get this. Veronica was a brunette. Do you mean Betty?

LA replies:

I guess I got the hair color wrong, but I was thinking of the features, not the hair. Though, since it’s a long time since I saw Archie comics, maybe she looks like Betty instead of Veronica.

- end of initial entry -

Steve W. writes:

That’s not what she looks like today. That picture must be many years old.

Here is the awful plastic surgery mess she has become.

James P. writes:

Sometimes people do get old, and age shockingly badly, to boot.

LA replies:

Almost all the women in this photo series have had extensive cosmetic surgery. So this is not about aging; it’s about cosmetic surgery. And several of the men, who do not have visible cosmetic surgery, do not look bad.

Jim C., who works in entertainment, writes:

Rivers is in show business, so she knows how discriminated against the elderly are in the entertainment field. Even 50 is considered old for a producer.

LA replies:

This is not an answer to my point. This is a restatement of my point.

January 25

Ron K. writes:

You were right the first time. She looks a lot more like Veronica than Betty, hair color aside. (And age-wise, she’s younger than both!) Veronica was manipulative, while Betty was innocent.

Also, the photo of Joan Rivers is recent. She was on CNN earlier this month, and looked the same as in the photo—younger than her Gen-X co-panelists!

According to a fan quoted in this disturbing article, Veronica is the first wife, Betty the second, after you’ve learned your lesson:

I’m heartened to learn, though, that I wasn’t the only one rooting for Betty.

Veronica, interestingly, is a relatively timeless name, while Betty is as dead as Dick or Kay as a dimunitive of a still-popular name. Have you known any born after Pearl Harbor? (For some reason, Betsy held on for another generation in the Midwest.)

Also, a homosexual character is about to be introduced in Archie comics.

LA replies:

I wonder why Steve W. assumed that the less complimentary photos of Rivers had to be more recent than the one I posted. It was just as likely that Rivers got messy looking, then had radical cosmetic surgery that made her look like a comic book teenager.

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