How the issue could turn around

N. writes:

A pastor in Tennesse has declared that he also will burn a Koran tomorrow, and says he will not back down.

You know, the pressure brought to bear on Terry Jones in Florida might not work if a dozen pastors were doing the same thing. Or a score. Or a hundred. What if a thousand churches were to burn the Koran? Or ten thousand?

At some point, liberalism would find it too difficult to keep putting out the fires.

LA replies:

Exactly. “I’m Terry Jones!”

- end of initial entry -

Robert B. writes:

I am going over to Barnes & Noble this morning to buy a copy of the Koran so that I can burn it in my backyard fire pit tomorrow evening.

I think we should all do so in solidarity with Mr. Jones.

This one, being paperback, will burn easiest.

Robert B. continues:

While many Moslems burn Christians

Robert B. continues:
First, today, I will be buying a Koran. On Saturday morning I will rise and make breakfast—eggs and bacon. I will save the bacon fat from cooking and use it to soak the Koran in, then that evening, while enjoying a very nice Merlot, I will burn the soaked Koran in my fire while sitting under my rather Roman pergola. I think its a nice way to ring in the “New Year.”

Here’s hoping you all join me in what could become the next “big thing.”

Gintas writes:

“I am Terry Jones!”

I am having similar thoughts this morning. If someone like Terry Jones can create such a reaction, then Robert B. can create such a reaction, we all can create such a reaction. It’s not that we have so much power, it’s that the system is so unstable that it reacts like this to such small perturbations.

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