Tiberge writing at The Brussels Journal tells of the steady colonization of French food by Muslim halal food, a phenomenon that the French are finally starting to resist. In one recent development, halal meat has been adopted by the French hamburger restaurant chain, Quick.

All of this is in line with Sam Solomon’s explanation of the Islamic method of taking over a previously non-Muslim society via Muslim immigration. First the Muslims plant their immigrant community in a non-Muslim country; then they get their community accepted and tolerated by the surrounding community; then they persuade the surrounding community voluntarily to adopt certain “neutral” Muslim customs (such as getting school cafeterias and restaurant chains to use halal meat); then, finally, they start to make Islamic customs and laws compulsory for everyone. Meanwhile, as Tiberge points out, any attempt to stop the spread of Muslim power over the host society is denounced by the institutions of the host society itself as an illegitimate act of exclusion. “To raise an outcry over halal,” declares ETHIC, a socially conscious French Catholic organization, “is extremely discriminatory.”

We must understand that Muslim immigrant communities in the West will not and can not cease their campaign to spread Islamic sharia law in the West, since that campaign is divinely mandated by the religio-political ideology of Islam. The only way to stop the spread of sharia in the West, is to remove sharia-believing Muslims from the West.

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