A mainstream columnist recognizes that diversity is a problem

Ed West writing in the Telegraph states the left’s quandary which no leftists will admit: leftists believe both in equality and diversity, but diversity, introduced into a society by mass non-European immigration, increases inequality, by increasing the number of poor people. The more diverse a Western society becomes, the more poor and unequal it becomes. West even quotes Steve Sailer on this point. This is progress.

But, I ask, progress toward what? Presumably toward that day when Western countries see the truth that mass Third World immigration is a catastrophic folly, and halt it. However, while an increasing number of individuals such as Ed West may come to recognize this truth, I no longer believe that Western societies as societies will come to recognize this truth. They cannot let themselves recognize it, because their very identity and legitimacy in their own eyes is based on non-discriminatory openness to nonwhites and the resulting diversity. Modern, liberal, Western peoples are therefore incapable of saying to themselves, “Diversity is a mistake, we must stop increasing our diversity.” The only thing that can make them stop it, is not the rational thought that diversity is a catastrophic error (a thought they are incapable of having), but the actual experience of catastrophe. Only actual catastrophe, making them feel that diversity is a catastrophe, will lead them to stop welcoming more diversity. But by then it will be too late to save the Western countries in their historical form. White Western civilization will survive in some form, but not in its current and historical form.

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LA writes:

I sent this entry to a correspondent with this note:

Another blog entry working out my new point of view, which is that I no longer believe that the West in its current form can be saved. This does not mean that we don’t keep fighting on all the issues we care about. It just means that I no longer expect the Western societies as societies to turn around before it’s too late. We keep working at trying to save the West, but if it is saved, it will be in a different form from what it is now. Preparing for that new form is our task.

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