An argument for authority instead of more argument

Mencius Moldbug, the monarchist blogger (here are my previous exchanges with him), writes:

From the NYT article, “Islamists’ Growing Sway Raises Questions for Libya”:

All offices here must make sure that they are headed by an acceptable person within seven days of this notice,” read a leaflet pasted to the doors of offices throughout Tripoli Central Hospital, dated Sept. 3 and signed, simply, Etilaf.

Who says America can’t learn anything from foreigners? We don’t even need to let them into our country. We can just imbibe these pearls of wisdom from far Araby. They have different ways, it’s true. But it doesn’t mean their ways can’t work for us.

Just imagine. Rick Perry is elected president on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. On November 15, a leaflet is pasted to the door of every office in San Francisco General Hospital. “All offices here must make sure they are headed by an acceptable person within seven days of this notice,” it says—signed, simply, Tea Party.

What does it mean? Well, is there a closet Republican, or, even better, a fundamentalist Christian, in your department? Guess what—he’s the new department head! Isn’t there? Well, someone will be appointed soon, I suppose. You’ll be amazed how many Christians come out of the woodwork when President Perry’s handing out the promotions. Of course, one could also question whether the new America needs your office at all … and so on.

That’s the great thing about this Mr. Belhaj. He knows the difference between a fight and an argument. I like the cut of your jib, Mr. Belhaj! Who says American and Libyan traditionalists can’t get along? Why can’t the enemy of our enemy be our friend? We sure do feel the same way about liberals.

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