Hamas leader speaks, is cheered by tens of thousands in home of the Arab Spring

Are those “conservatives” who support Muslim “democracy” because they think it will lead to a “reformed,” “moderate,” peaceful Islamic world reading the news? Or are they burying their heads so as not to see how thoroughly they have been discredited?

(Answer: I went over to the Commentary website last evening, and all the recent articles are about the Republican presidential contest. Nothing about what’s happening in the democracy-blossoming Mideast.)

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Haniyeh: Muslims are creating the new Middle East

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh declared Sunday that the Muslim revolutions born out of the “Arab Spring” would replace US-backed chaos in the Middle East, Hamas affiliate Al Resalah quoted the Hamas leader as saying.

“We are among those who will create a new Middle East. We have created a glorious revolution that will bring back the nation [meaning the Islamic nation] and its glory in place of the chaos that the American administration had so desired,” Haniyeh told a gathering of Tunisian Islamist Ennahda party supporters in Tunis.

According to the report, tens of thousands of Tunisians gathered outside the palatial government complex in the Tunisian capital to see Haniyeh speak, chanting in support of “Palestinian liberation.”

Protesters also chanted “Death to Israel” and “the army of Mohammed is back,” as Haniyeh reiterated his pledge not “to lay down our arms” or recognize Israel, according to AFP.

The Ennahda party, banned under the rule of ousted Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, has since become the country’s largest party, garnering 40 percent of votes in last October’s parliamentary elections.

Haniyeh has traveled Arab and Muslim nations on a Middle East tour that began December 25, including Egypt, Sudan, Turkey and Tunisia.

While most meetings with the Hamas prime minister and Arab officials have been held behind closed doors, Haniyeh has made several public appearances during his trip, including one from aboard the Turkish vessel from which Turkish activists made a fatal attempt to break the Israeli naval blockade on Gaza in 2010.

He has championed issues ranging from stopping the “Judaization of Jerusalem,” the IDF blockade on Gaza to the so-called Arab Spring revolutions that he claims have influenced favorably the Palestinian cause.

Haniyeh toured the Middle East shortly after meeting with Fatah in Cairo, along with other Palestinian political factions, where the groups agreed to join the PLO in to create a unity Palestinian government.

Still, on Sunday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced he would have to “re-evaluate” reconciliation agreements after Hamas refused a Fatah visit to the Gaza Strip, underlining ongoing tensions between the Islamist group that rules Gaza and the PA.

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January 10

Konstantin writes:

I want to respond as best as I can to your question you put in one of your latest entries: “Are those “conservatives” who support Muslim “democracy” because they think it will lead to a “reformed,” “moderate,” peaceful Islamic world reading the news? Or are they burying their heads so as not to see how thoroughly they have been discredited?”

I think those “conservatives” are simply experiencing a “runtime exception error,” a term from computer science that describes a state in which a program has been fed with input values that it can’t handle, simply because it was not programmed to process these values.

Similarly, our liberal environment has somehow miraculously programmed the minds of “conservatives” and many other whites into believing that humans are essentially all equal, that everyone has a natural, inherent desire to strive for freedom and “democracy” and that there is no such thing like bad civilization, good civilization, bad culture or good culture—in other words, that discrimination is evil. Furthermore, the source code commands to think that chaos and violence in the Middle East are merely a result of a tiny minority of “radicals” with a distorted perception of their actually peaceful religion tyrannizing the freedom-loving majority population. So the key to redemption would be simply to get rid of those tyrants, such as Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and Mubarak.

And now the computer program running in those “conservatives” is being inputted with real data, which is that the liberated, “peace-loving” majority of Muslim Arabs despise our concept of freedom and vote the ones into political power who seek the implementation of Sharia law and who employ democracy as a predatory means to achieve their goals.

What actually happens to a computer program in the event of a runtime exception error? It suddenly quits. Period. Nothing. No signs whatsoever of the processor executing the program. In analogy, those “conservatives” (and liberals) act as if nothing has happened, and their “processor” (brain) refuses to process because it can’t handle the real information—it was not programmed for it.

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