Trump—the challenger of the one party state?

(Or a loudmouth who doesn’t know what he’s talking about?)

James N. writes:

As a native New Yorker, of almost the same age as Donald Trump, I have held on to the standard New York model of Trump as a schemer and a bit of a buffoon. It appears that, after a few reverses in early life (and who doesn’t have those) he is now spectacularly successful.

His prospective candidacy for President should be taken very seriously, because it addresses (or takes advantage of) the central problem of the American Crisis: On the things that really matter, the elected officials of both parties are unified, and unified against the hopes and dreams of a majority of the American people.

Set aside the birth certificate for moment.

The most consequential developments of the last 40 years are:

  1. Job loss;

  2. “Free” trade that isn’t free;

  3. Extortion over natural resources by foreign “owners” who could do nothing without white Western expertise, energy, and investment;

  4. Loss of control of the borders;

  5. Replacement of a functional money system with gross overexpansion of credit; and

  6. Loss of respect for the created (as opposed to engineered) nature of human beings.

On these six issues, both parties have formed a phalanx to keep them out of politics and hence away from the control, or even the influence, of the voters.

Trump, whether by calculation, conviction, or accident, speaks to all of these issues, in an easy to understand way that conveys the message, “I understand.” Like De Gaulle’s “Je vous ai compris,” this message may prove irresistable in times like these.

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Paul K. writes:

I watched the second half of Sean Hannity’s interview of Donald Trump last night. I hope Trump is able to maintain his discipline and not get so carried away he loses credibility. Speculating about Obama’s reluctance to release his birth certificate, Trump said, “Maybe it says he’s a Muslim, which wouldn’t bother me.”

I have seen posted on the web a Hawaiian long-form birth certificate issued at the time of Obama’s birth and it did not have a space to enter a religion. As far as I know, no American birth certificate includes such an entry.

Trump also said, “He was born Barry Soetoro. Somewhere along the line he changed his name.”

As Stanley Dunham did not meet Lolo Soetoro until Barack was six years old, that is an obvious falsehood, but of course the slow-witted Hannity did not point this out.

If Trump is going to voice the more outlandish claims of the birthers, it will damage his standing to raise valid questions.

LA replies:

“He was born Barry Soetoro. Somewhere along the line he changed his name.”

Are you absolutely sure Trump said this? I saw the interview, the whole thing, both evenings, and I did not hear him say this. It’s such an incredibly stupid statement that it’s hard to imagine him saying it. If he did say it, that would strongly suggest that he lacks the intellectual focus and discipline to carry on a debate, that he is, after all, the mere loudmouth I always thought of him as being, though in recent days I’ve been giving him a second look and have been impressed by some of the things he’s said.

I looked for the transcript of interview, but so far only the transcript for the first evening is available.

Jim C. writes:

Trump represents the triumph of the meritocracy, whereas Obama is a cautionary tale of the perils of affirmative action.

Bob T. writes:

An unfortunate side effect of Trump running for president is that he can ensure a second term presidency for Obama. If Trump loses in the Republican primaries and decides to stage an independent candidacy, he may split the conservative vote thus enabling Obama to squeak in with less than 50 percent. Remember Perot enabled a Clinton victory with less than 50 percent.

Paul K. writes:

At TPM they quote Trump making the statement in question and they have the video.

If you watch the upper video, at 3:30 you’ll hear Trump say “Maybe it says he’s a Muslim” and at 3:52 he says “Look, he was born ‘Barry Soetoro.’ Somewhere along the line, he changed his name.”

LA replies:

Okay, I simply missed it. I guess part of the reason was, Trump’s comments are so fragmented, jumping from one thing to another, and with the quick back and forth with Hannity, that it is easy not to catch everything he says.

How could Hannity let that clunker of a statement pass? Maybe, like me, he also didn’t hear it! Or maybe it’s just not part of his profile to expose a guest with whom he’s friendly as making a huge blooper.

I suppose if and when Trump is called on it he will simply say that he misspoke, that of course he knows Barry Soetoro was not Obama’s birth name but the name he adopted at age six when his mother married her second husband.

OneSTDV writes:

You said:

I suppose if and when Trump is called on it he will simply say that he misspoke, that of course he knows Barry Soetoro was not Obama’s birth name but the name he adopted at age six when his mother married her second husband.

To those of us who have closely followed Obama’s rise and researched his radical past and “unique” personal history, such details might seem like common knowledge. But I bet almost none of the general public has any idea who Barry Soetoro is.

Now, Trump isn’t the “general public,” but I get the feeling he hasn’t fully immersed himself in understanding Obama’s life story. I mean, do you really think Trump has read Dreams or Steve Sailer’s incisive analysis of it?

LA replies:

If Trump, who has become the country’s number one spokesman for truth on Obama’s birth, doesn’t even know that Obama’s father was Barack Hussein Obama Sr. from Kenya, then what the heck is he doing talking in public about the Obama birth issue? Someone who talks at length in public about an issue of which he doesn’t know the most basic facts is a loudmouth, not a serious person.

And that problem becomes worse when we remember that Trump constantly boasts about how smart he is.

On another point, one doesn’t need to have read Dreams From My Father to know the basic facts of Obama’s life, such as who is father was, who his stepfather was, when he moved to Indonesia, when he came back to Hawaii, and so on.

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