Goldberg on Brooks on Obama

Sage McLaughlin writes:

Just to show I’m not a thoughtless hater of all things NRO, nor of all things Jonah Goldberg [see Sage’s recent comments on the Animal House conservative here and here], I should point to this excellent blog post by the AHC, where he writes what is in my view a very sharp takedown of David Brooks’ latest bout of Obamaphilia. Key passage:

Brooks, it seems to me, is still holding out hope for the possibility that if we “let Obama be Obama” he’ll tack to the center because he really is that bipartisan, moderate, Niebuhr-grocking 21st century man that caused so many otherwise sensible conservatives to go off their feed.

That seems highly implausible to me. Obama has been Obama, and that’s why he’s in the predicament he’s in. He is the author of these events, not a victim of them.

The whole post is worth a look, though it’s mainly rhetorical.

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