A blogger who gets it about Islam

Here is a blog, Saber Point, whose author, Stogie, argues that “Islam really is a violent and intolerant ideology,” and that we must therefore stop the immigration of Muslims into the West and persuade others to leave. The whole entry is good, but especially notable is the last paragraph, where Stogie describes the UCLA students who have attacked him for his statements on Islam:

What do UCLA and other college kiddies like? Posing and posturing as enlightened liberals against the forces of darkness, bigotry and intolerance (except, or course, for intolerance directed at Americans). It is some sort of coming-of-age ritual among the members of their Tribe, more a cultural phenomenon than a thought process. They will continue their righteous dance for multiculturalism no matter how many American lives it may ultimately take.

- end of initial entry -

Andrew E. writes:

Over time, one or two bloggers will turn into a dozen and then a couple dozen and eventually, Spencer et al may join the immigration restrictionists while claiming that it’s because the political realities have changed. And they’ll do this without knowing or acknowledging exactly how the political realities were changed.

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