Disgusting statements from French Socialists

French Socialists, in this case Jewish and half-Jewish ones, have been trivializing and excusing their fellow Socialist (and fellow Jew, though they would do the same whatever his ethnicity) Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s alleged sexual assault and forced oral sodomy on his hotel housekeeper. Galliawatch quotes Jean-François Kahn, editor of Marianne, in a television exchange:

J.-F. Kahn: I am certain, anyway practically certain, that there was no violent attempt to commit rape, I do not believe that. I know this man, and I don’t think so. That there was an imprudent action we can’t … (hearty laughter), I don’t know how to say it, he lifted her skirt …

A.-G. Slama: He called it an error of judgment (cackles).

J.-F. Kahn: He lifted the skirt of a servant, that’s what I mean, it’s not right, but, there, it’s my impression.

Meanwhile, Jack Lang, former minister of culture, said, “Not to free a man, when no one has been killed, not to free someone who has paid a large fine, is something that is practically never done.”

Galliawatch quotes French blogger Yann Baly:

There is a caste mentality, of people cut off from reality, united by money, luxury and power, that cannot tolerate that one of their own is in trouble.

Equally scandalous is the absence of any reaction from other politicians and journalists to these ignominious remarks.

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