The woman that set off Broadwell’s fatal jealousy

Jill Kelley leaves her home in Tampa today, looking like a mafia wife.

In a piece about Jill Kelley, the Petraeus family friend to whom Paula Broadwell sent the intimidating e-mails which led the FBI to uncover the Petraeus-Broadwell affair, the New York Post clears up a contradiction that has been there almost since the story broke:

Initial reports said the relationship ended before Petraeus took over the CIA in September 2011, but yesterday, ABC News and The Wall Street Journal said the affair actually began shortly after he was sworn in and ended only a few months ago.

We learn from the article that Kelly’s job title is: “Social Liaison to the Joint Special Operations Command.”

The Special Operations “Social Liaison”: Yet another over-
exposed, voracious female embedded in the military.
Maybe Broadwell, Kelley’s seeming spiritual sister,
had reasons to be jealous.

Today’s feminized, sexed-up military: The huge-busted, narrow-waisted,
bare-armed Special Operations “Social Liaison” with her chubby hubby
(echo of the physical mismatch between the Petraeuses) and
Vice Admiral Robert Harward at JSOC base in Tampa, Florida.


Henry S. writes:

According to the NY Post article, Jill Kelley’s official title is “Social Liaison to the Joint Special Operations Command.” [LA replies: Social Liaison? Is that a joke?]

I did some netsurfing to find out what the JSOC is.

It is a component of the United States Special Operations Command.

JSOC link.

The descriptions of the missions of these incomprehensible units are similarly incomprehensible.

Wikipedia has a more easily understood description.

But back to Jill Kelley—what is a “Social Liaison”? Pardon me, it sounds like the job description is: “The woman who is boinking JSOC’s commander.”

Laura Wood writes:

That second picture of the Social Liaison is shocking even in this day of shocking attire. Is she wearing a negligee?

The photo encapsulates two types created by feminism and Protestantism: the flagrant, aggressive sexpot and the manly nun.

LA replies:

What does Protestantism have to do with it?

Laura Wood replies:

Protestantism’s rejection of form and ornamentation has made many good, decent people think that it is un-Christian and elitist to dress well.

LA writes:

The pattern emerging in the photographs we’ve seen so far (the second and third photos in this entry come from the NY Daily News) is striking. We have three married couples, each an obvious mismatch; the hyper-aggressive Paula Broadbent and her wimpy husband Scott who serves as “Mr. Mom” and lets her beat him in push-up contests on national TV; the youthful, super-fit David Petraeus and his overweight, shapeless wife Holly who dresses in the plainest way possible; and Jill Kelly with her Raquel Welch figure and voracious visage and her very fat husband, also named Scott. Is this a recipe for multiple adulteries and rampant sexual jealousies, or what?

Laura Wood writes:

Mary Wollstonecraft, the eighteenth century revolutionary and the first real feminist in Western history, spoke of wanting the sexes “confounded.”

That’s what we see here: the confounding of male and female, the convergence of two vital streams into one muddy, raging, destructive torrent. Lives are wrecked by it.

Henry S. writes:

Of course, we also have the brave and wonderful new world of homosexual adultery to look forward to in the coming years. Gay men are non-monogamous by definition. And of course, when the gay Colin Powell comes out of the closet, the media will be crowing.

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